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Introduction: Nerf Soldier Loadout

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Do you need ideals for a upcoming nerf battle but want to run a simple lightweight loadout well here you go

Step 1: Primary

What I recommend as primary's are
•Alpha Trooper CS-12

•Drum mag
It is up to you what to use

Step 2: Secondary

For back out use

Step 3: Back-up

If you run completely out of ammo your dead so take a back up weapon just in case
•Triad Ex-3

Step 4: Gear

You might want to carry extra mags so you can stay in the fight for long amount of time or have a pair of binoculars so you can scout long away or even have a grenade!!!
•MRE (just kidding)
•Extra Parts
•Cleaning Kit

Step 5: Get Your Game ON!!!

Your ready now and need to fight like one be a team player and always be lightweight Good luck soldier!!!!

Comment and favorite if you like these and want more just say so in the comments bye



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Use a Nerf modulus stryfe as your secondary it has sooo many tac rails

My load out is recon CS 6 (old retaliator) hammershot reflex

My kit:

Primary: Rival Zeus

Secondary: Modulus ECS-10 with 18-round mag, with a modulus stock carrying a 35-round drum mag.

Sidearm: Stryfe with a 6-round mag, no attachments to stay small and fit in a holster.

my kit: (though i airsoft now)

Alpha trooper with raider stock and longshot scope with 18 drum mag and 35 drum mag

Strongarm elite

My kit:

Primary: Dual Wielding Hammershot and Double Strike

Secondary: Nerf Roughcut 2X4

Backup: Nerf Doubledown

Gear: Tac vest, Rival mask, bandolier.

my i kit

Primary rapidstrike with scope and laser sight

Secondary stryfe

Back up jolt

Stuff tac vest , bandolier as a carry strap , suction cup darts , clips , flashlight , sunglasses , A cap

MORE!!!! :)