Picture of Nerf Streamline Dart Mod
So, Have you ever been really annoyed that the Recon and Longshot can only fire streamline darts and you've got a bunch of other ones scattered around? Well, heres the easiest mod ever that lets you turn a suction cup dart into a dart that works just as well as the actual streamlines. ( Don't get mad bout the pics and details, this is my first instructable.) Its obvious which dart in the pic is the mod.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Really, as I said before, this is probably the simplest NERF dart mod ever. All you need is a NERF suction cup micro dart, scissors, and about a minute.

Step 2: What To Do

Picture of What To Do
The easiest way to do this is to first cut off the upward-pointing suction cup with scissors. Then, trim the outside off so you just see the bare dart. Then you just keep trimming the blue until you have very little plastic left. Thats it. That should take you under a minute. Then it will look something like the picture. Oh, and they work with the clips.
You can leave the sticky part on and it will stile work in the clip I did it with a nail cliper go idea anyway