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Introduction: Nerf Tactical Ammo Box

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This is the guide for a tactical ammo holder that can be added to a nerf belt to provide backup ammunition. Read on to find out how to make it!
EDIT: One of my followers, Nerfanator135, figured out you can actually fit a nerf magazine/clip in the ammo box instead of darts, so just another use! Props to you, Nerfanator135!

Step 1: The Body

To make this, you must first mark this pattern on a piece of cardboard using a sharpie or pencil. The measurements are in centimeters, not inches. Then, cut it out.

Step 2: Folding

In this step, drag a scissors across the areas that you should fold, which are shown in the previous step. This will help break in the cardboard at the area that you want to fold. Then fold the box together a few times to get is ready. After that, unfold it and cover it in duct tape.

Step 3: Camoflauge

This is an optional step, but I covered mine in a strip of digital camo duct tape for a more militaristic look.

Step 4: Belt Loop

For this step, I took a piece of duct tape and wrapped it around itself to form a loop, with the sticky side facing out. Then I covered it with duct tape with the sticky side facing in so that I wouldn't have the box getting stuck to me.

Step 5: Mega Dart Holder

For this part, I took a small strip of duct tape and wrapped it around a mega dart, sticky side facing out. Then, I stuck the loop to the bottom of the ammo box and pulled out the mega dart. After that, I added a strip of tape over that.

Step 6: Styling

This is another optional part. What i did is write "E12/M1 AP," basically meaning it is an ammo pack with 12 elite darts and one mega dart. Then I added electrical tape around the bottom for no reason other than the fact that it looked cool.

Step 7: Conclusion

By following these steps, you should have a neat nerf ammo box that will give you some extra oomph next game. Thanks for reading!

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thanks for the intsructable! this really is one of the coolest instructables i have seen for a while. good job! just a few questions, though. one, can electrical tape be used instead of the duct tape? and two, what is stopping the eilte darts in the top from falling out of the top? and yes, i know they are zombie strike darts, but they are essentially the same thing, with a different color. thanks!

Yes, those are nodded darts in one of the pictures, and you can find them on my account.

Are your measurements in Metric or Imperial.


this is awesome! definitly gonna make this. I'm also suprised how basic and simple the design is. GJ

This thing is awesome! I made one that size and it can fit 6-dart clips, I also made one a little too big and it fits 18 darts, I also made a lit for it that can come off. Thanks for sharing

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That's neat! I didn't notice that, but I have now added that to the guide! Thanks!

Thanks! Good luck on making it, thanks for following, and sorry for the delayed reply!

Spacers should be added to your next one to prevent darts from flopping around, other than that, nice job!

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I actually don't need spacers. The box is tight enough on it's own, so the darts won't fall out, but I hesitate to leave them in for prolonged periods of time. Thank you, however, for the constructive criticism.