Introduction: Nerf Tactics #1

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This guide will tell you everything from how to identify ammo, to how to choose a primary, secondary or backup blaster. If you follow this guide, you will be the envy of your school/cubiclemates.

Step 1: Ammo Identification.

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I've found that it's easy to mark Nerf missiles with a sharpie, or put duct tape on a mag or blaster to stop people making off with your gear!

Step 2: Gear Up.

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Get a tactical vest, or the Nerf bandoleer kit. They really help in wars to carry extra ammo or firepower.



If your enemies are scared of losing, they will lose. Get a massive blaster, just for INTIMIDATION!

Step 4: Choosing a Primary.

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Use a semi-auto or pump action blaster, and avoid full auto guns. If you use, a Rapidstrike, say, you'll lose all of your ammo really fast, and will spend more time reloading, not shooting. I can recommend the Demolisher, Alpha Trooper, Tri-Strike, and Stryfe, all excellent primaries. Above, are the two primaries I use. Yes, I use two primaries.

Step 5: Choosing a Secondary.

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Although most people will tell you otherwise, a full auto blaster, or a different ammo type are excellent secondaries. Don't worry too much about size, you can use a backpack or messenger bag. My favourites are the Rapidstrike, Rotofury, Diatron, and Praxis.

Step 6: Choosing a Backup/pistol.

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This is easy, as there are only two real options. The Hammershot, and the Strongarm.

Step 7: Mod If You Can.

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If you can, or have the money to pay someone else to, then mod! You'll be at a huge advantage. Above is a picture of my modified Hammershot, made by the amazing modder on Etsy, NerfArboretum.

Step 8: Shields.

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Make or buy a Nerf shield. They're helpful for when you run out of ammo, and need to run and pick some up, or in mêlée rounds. Above is the stonewall shield, which comes with a dagger, and has saved me many times.

Step 9: Done!

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Again, tell me in the comments if you want me to continue this series!


Danger_Dolan (author)2017-12-04

much appreciated, thanks for the ideas dude. i am an experienced nerfer, and i have to say, you can't use a backpack in a nerf war. you don't want to be digging through your bag in the middle of a war just to pull out a vulcan or something. that gives the other players time to shoot you.

Nerfman21 (author)2017-05-14

wonderful ideas, NerfEngineer!

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