Nerf Thunderstorm Mod





Introduction: Nerf Thunderstorm Mod

I know this is not a commonly modded nerf gun, so I made my own mod. This mod allows it to shoot more water at a time than normally, making your opponent wetter. Of course, because it means it shoots more water in less time, it empties the clip faster, but I found this mod worked perfectly, and did exactly what I wanted it to.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. A set of precision screwdrivers, or just small screwdrivers that increase in size incrementally 2. Hands 3. About half an hour

Step 2: Take It Apart

Pretty self-explanatory. One hint, lay out the screws as you take them out, like the picture.

Step 3: Take Out the Tube

Take out the tube (Involves unscrewing(don't break it(that would be bad)))

Step 4: Time for Drilling


Step 5: Done!

Just put it back together, and you're ready to spray things! Please leave a comment, I enjoy your feedback! (This gun is not complicated enough for me to put a reassembly guide in this instructable, but if you're having trouble with putting it back together, tell me and I'll include one) Thankyou, and until next time, goodbye!



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    it will shorten range alot do not do

    It will shorten range. basically the pump in the blaster only has so much pressure. smaller hole = better range but less water is coming out so you gotta squirt more to really get someone . bigger hole = less range but better soakage

    hjohanson1 this mod will shorten range alot. Also I did everything correctly and your mod destroyed my thunderstorm R.I.P. that was my favorite