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Warning:Contents may be hot.

Usb case broken? Need a new case?Then make the Nerf USB!

This case is easy to make and as a perk resistant to damage.

Step 1: Step 1:Gather Materials

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For this project you will need:

2 Nice Nerf bullets

A USB with the case taken off

Trashy Nerf bullet(one with its cap off preferably)

Small piece of cardboard

Bottle top(The one from last project works)


Razor blade(scissors work too)

Glue(Not strong stuff like epoxy)

Two hands or feet

Step 2: Step 2:Cutting Is Fun!

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Place the Nerf bullets side by side and cut them like I did.

Step 3: Step 3:Glue and More Glue

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Start gluing the Nerf bullets together.I opened my glue bottle up and used a skewer to apply glue to the place were the bullets meet.DO NOT GLUE THE INSIDES.Put the newly glued bullets inside the cap top and if you want put a paper towel under.

Step 4: Step:4 Time to Cut

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While the glue is drying you can cut you spacers so your USB is snug.I cut the bullet in half then tested after the glue dried.

Step 5: Step 5:DONE!

Now just put in the USB with the spacers and your done!


OdellBeckhamJr (author)2016-02-29

very simple

Great idea!

nerfrocketeer (author)2014-08-16


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