Nerf War Tactics





Introduction: Nerf War Tactics

I have done quite a few nerf wars are here are some tips on how to win

Step 1: Base

Firstly you want to find a base. Preferably against a wall. You should all weapons that are not in use here as well as spare ammo.

Step 2: Security

Your defender will stay at the base and defend it (duh!). Always have at least two people at your base at a time.

Step 3: Classes

You should split your team into seperate classes: Spy, commando, sniper and defender. The spy will have a small weapon and should be very sneaky. They should be able to sneak into enemy bases without being caught. Commando will have a rapid fire gun and should never be afraid. Sniper should be an expert marksman and should hide somewhere where enemy's will pass often. Defenders should be ruthless and trigger happy.

Step 4: Storage

Have a box or bag to keep weapons not in use, ammo and accessories.

Step 5: Attack Plan

Devise an attack where you can swiftly destroy the enemy and loot any thing you can before they can regroup and attack.

Step 6: Weapons

Your choice of weapons could be the turning point in a war, so choose wisely. As I have already mentioned, different classes need different weapons. 1. Sniper would have powerful long-range gun and small sidearm 2. Commando would have rapid fire gun with a maverick or barricade as sidearm 3. Spy would have jolt as primary and lots of ammo 4. Defender would have vulcan or rampage as primary and no sidearm



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I'm trying to find my old maverick

Cool tactics but would ALL of them work with the big rifle like zombie strike guns (sling fire, hammer shot, ect.)

When you use the nerf guns put a airsoft pellet end of the bullet and it goes further

Thanks guys! Grammar could use a little work, but the tips really help!

rocky, just use the vulcan, exstend the clips, make 5 of em,
and use the damned shotgun
(if you wanna akimbo it, just cut off the barrel for a small part)

Akimbo is a pose in which you have your hands in your hips, elbows bowed outwards.
That won't work in a nerf war ;)

you WILL win the fabulessness round with it~
but srsly
gimme dat shotgun
i once had one, toy one, from the carnival
i lost it...
i'm still upsad about it
and i had a hand gun to
before, the orange tip law
-dramatic sound flashback-

How could you lose a shotgun!? It's two feet long!