Picture of Nerf electronic gun!
Ok now  this instructable I will show you how to make your nerf gun look cooler. I'm enter this in to the usb  contest so please vote for it!!!! If you like what I build please subscribe to me!!!!

Step 1: Things you need!

Stuff you need:
Broken electronics (you will need at least one broken flash drive)
Hot glue gun,(with glue sticks)
Some thing that will cut, 
A nerf gun,

Step 2: OK!

OK! now take apart  your broken electronic all you need is the  circuit board.

Step 3: Glue

Picture of Glue
Now glue The flash dive on your nerf gun by the nerf bullet holder.

Step 4: Just

Picture of Just
Just glue your electronics were they bast fit  cause  I do not think we will have the same electronics.

Step 5: Nerf bullets

Picture of Nerf bullets
OK now take off the black stuff at the end of the nerf bullet  and put hot glue in the hole make sure that it is   compete  cover so, no air comes through it.

Step 6: The trigger

Picture of The trigger
Ok, now trace  the hole size of were the trigger hole is on to the circuit and cut  out the hole, repeat  this  step with a other circuit board.Look at the picture and notes.And glue it over the trigger spot.

Step 7: Wires!

Picture of wires!
OK take your wires and glue them were you want them I glue my to one side of the gun to the other side look at picture.

Step 8: Top!..

Picture of Top!..
Look at picture.

Step 9: Done!!!!

Picture of Done!!!!
OK look at the picture sand your edges  down and your done!!!!!!!
Conor M4 months ago

your pics need to be clearer.

Robot Lover5 years ago
how is it usb?
TSC (author)  Robot Lover5 years ago
It has a flash drive on it!!!!!!!!
TSC (author)  planetsideplayer14billion4 years ago
zack247 TSC5 years ago
but... the contest says (kinda) that it should interact with the usb port. you said the flash drive was dead
MegaMetal85 years ago
TSC (author)  MegaMetal85 years ago
Misac-kun5 years ago
LOL i was expecting something like that
~KGB~5 years ago
looks cool!
TSC (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
~KGB~ TSC5 years ago
no problem!
TSC (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
~KGB~ TSC5 years ago