Nerf Grenade Launcher (homemade)




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Introduction: Nerf Grenade Launcher (homemade)

3 foam balls (only shoots 2)
3 velcro darts

Ranges 5-10 feet



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    how do you make it


    what are the material?

    nice, i like it.

    I just recently built something similar to this. My Nightfinder broke after a failed mod, so I took the plunger tube (I think it's called, just that orange tube with the spring in it) from the Nightfinder with the full plunger assembly, and sawed off everything other than the handle past the front of the huge circle with the Nerf logo on it. The plunger assembly goes into it, and there is a small rectangle there, just glue the plunger tube to the end of the Nightfinder, pull the cocking mechanism, it should lock, then press that button. Watch your fingers, I learned that the hard way. I can fit 3-4 darts in, but it doesn't go as far as 2 darts.

    Make an "ible for this launcher please! I've been looking for an underbarrel launcher "ible".

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    look up Meanbean's Nerf grenade launcher and make one. To put onto the barrel, you should get some PVC pipe and cut it to just the right size, then, take that scope you get with the recon, and take out the innards. You should get the rail piece. Hot glue the PVC pipe to that.

    One day nerf is gonna start making the next M4 for our military. And it going to look FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    but, the M4 will be bright yellow and the enemies will alwas be able to see our troops. and they'll shoot darts instead of bullets. LOL!

    poison darts >=)

    that's awsome but how does it shot?

    1, HOW DID YOU MOD THAT LONGSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2, how do you make this 3, co2/ better spring? am gessing uses spring

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    Actually I'm thinking about making a GL for my + bow using Titan internals.

    Modding my LS? I still have it. What would you like to know?

    Ar removal, AR15 spring addition, fixed stock (half way) and paint.
    Also I tried to Internally silence it. drilled holes in the barrel and surrounded with cotton.

    The mag is just two LS magazines e-taped.
    That holo site is a LS scope clip that hooks onto the rail, a small Bike tire pair kit box and a cut piece of a dental floss container. Dosen't realy function.
    Acitualy Reciently I have painted blue tiger stripes on the LS
     ____/          |                                                             
    |________ |                     

    sweet. merf now makes clips that you can attach 2 mags to.

    Yea i have one, the mags just fall when your running..=(

    glue between clips and clip clip

    pretty sure you should just duct tape the clips together.

    makes sence, but take falls apart and plastic cement holds together

    maybe, but even if it does, you can just re- tape tape it. I keep a spare roll of duct tape in my bag for emergencies.