Nerf Grenade

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Introduction: Nerf Grenade

get 10-12 streamline darts and a rubber band wrap the rubber band around the darts tightly.

Step 1:

the first pic is of the grenade in non active mode the second pic is the grenade active, to make it active you just the rubber band up to the start of the red part make sure the foam fans out.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

make sure when you throw it the tips hit the target and it will explode.?

Step 5:



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Questions & Answers


I'll start taking pictures for it but I don't know if I can write an instructable atm because I'm using google+ to answer all these comments and stuff.

I'm gonna make a launcher that fire a 7-dart grenade soon.

show me how to do it

Wow looks like a fun concept, I bet the explosion is fun to watch!

this was my first ever project on here.