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Most nerf grenedes have sucky blast radius or require non-household materials to be made. this is a simple nerf grenede that flings nerf streamlined darts up to 3 feet in each direction, requires items that can be found almost anywhere, and, also, will NOT break if accidentally droped, as the pin must be removed.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need:
19 streamlined NERF darts
1 sheet of construction paper
either a piece of cardboard (corrugation doesn't matter) or, to make things easier, a 5.8 oz edy's icecream cup
1 disposable plastic straw
1 keychain ring
1 rubber band
tape *note* - DO NOT use the regular, kind of foggy scotch tape, as it isn't sticky enough, and won't work
either scissors or an xacto knife

Step 2: The Grenede

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Loosely grip the darts in a fist, all pointing the same way. They should naturally form a layered hexagon, double wrap your rubber band 2-3 mm below the tips of the darts. the other end should start to fishtail. it may feel too loose, but do not put it any tighter or higher or it will be too delicate. it should be fine as it is. set this aside.

Step 3: The Base of the Pin

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use a protractor to draw a circle about 2 1/2 in. in diameter. cut slightly outside of this circle with either the scissors or xacto. if you have the edy's container skip this step.

Step 4: Starting the Pin

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Poke a small hole in either your cardboard circle or your edy's container lid, and widen it just enough that the straw can slide though easily. 

Step 5:

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flip the grenede upside down and push the straw into the center dart until it collides with something. let the cardboard rest on top of the darts. *note* - if you use the edy's lid, make sure the picture is facing up. in other words, have the ridge thats supposed to make the lid stay on the cup go around the darts instead, so that it will stay on them.

Step 6: The Ringless Pin

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cut the straw that sticks out to abbout 3/4 of an inch. tape the straw in place at this point.

Step 7: Finishing the Pin

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Feed a piece of tape through the keychain ring so half sticks out on either side, then place it on the protruding straw and pat both sides down, repeat this several times, as the ring tends to come off after just one taping.
remove the pin so far from the grenede.tape the edge of the card board (or the ridge of the lid) to the corner of the paper. roll the paper up, taping as you go. when the 2 ends meet, tape on both inside and outside. cut paper tube to about 1 inch, though it doesnt need to be perfect. 

Step 8: The Final Product

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slide the straw back into the center dart, being sure to get all the darts inside the paper, and, viola.. no, thats an instrument... however you spell it, it doesn't matter, because its still awesome. now u can drop it or even toss it and it won't break. however, grip the ring between your teeth and pull on the darts, THEN lob it, and its a potent foamy weapon of mass destruction.


erana_reborn made it! (author)2017-07-01

Did similar using a spray bottle cap instead of the cardboard cilinder, with the straw hotglued inside and a ring taped outside. Covered the whole cap in electrical tape for aestetics. Mine holds just eight darts (off-brands that didn't fit Nerf blasters) - could have placed all 16 darts in a single 'nade, but I wanted one for me and another identical one for my daughter.

Tip for parents: I used a plastic ring because I know she will use her theet...

Jonathan Payne (author)2014-06-23

This is awesome, try looking up nerfrocketeer, he's head of a nerf clan I'm in, it would be awesome if you was in too, btw love the grenade.

d-rider (author)2011-12-06

this is beast ive been looking for somthing like this for months thank you.

p.s. im going to try with less darts

Silverdrake12345 (author)d-rider2011-12-12

it works with less darts, it just doesnt hurl the darts as far and there aren't as many darts to hit people with

sviswanathan (author)2011-10-15

i am a dum

acerobot191 (author)2011-03-31

This really worked....and it is a compass

darknessfalls (author)2011-02-28

do you mean use a compass? a protractor is for measuring angles

yeah, sorry, I thought it was the other was around.

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