Step 4: Starting the Pin

Poke a small hole in either your cardboard circle or your edy's container lid, and widen it just enough that the straw can slide though easily. 
This is awesome, try looking up nerfrocketeer, he's head of a nerf clan I'm in, it would be awesome if you was in too, btw love the grenade.
this is beast ive been looking for somthing like this for months thank you. <br> <br>p.s. im going to try with less darts
it works with less darts, it just doesnt hurl the darts as far and there aren't as many darts to hit people with
i am a dum<br>
This really worked....and it is a compass
do you mean use a compass? a protractor is for measuring angles
yeah, sorry, I thought it was the other was around.

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