modify a nite finder nerf gun so you can hold the lite on with out accidentially firing.

Step 1: Materials

You need a drill or remer, a momentary switch, a nite finder nerf gun, a screw driver, some wire, adn a soldering iron(i just twisted the wires cause i dont have a soldering iron)


Unscrew the case, make sure you dont lose the screws

Step 3: Removing the Old Switch

Cut the wires to the old switch. solder or twist new wires long enough to reach placement of new switch.

Step 4: Drill New Hole

Drill or ream a new hole for the momentary switch. placement doesnt matter as long as it fits.


Insert the switch into the hole and put the bolt over the top to lock it in place. Then wire the light to the switch


Screw on the cover and you are done
what does this do?
im kinda young so i dont really get it and im new ta dis site can u make a mod video for faster bullets and make it more simple??????    P.S: DIS IS NOT A ORDER IM TRYIN TO BE POLITE DIS IS JUST A QUESTION PLEASE RESPOND!!! THANKS! FROM:BUTHEAD16                                                                                                                                    
Translation:<br /> I'm kind of young, as a result, I don't really get it. &nbsp;I'm new to this site, can you make a video of a mod for faster firing, and perhaps make it easier to understand? &nbsp;Please understand that this is not an order, I'm trying to be polite. &nbsp;This is just a question, and I would appreciate a response. &nbsp;Thanks!<br /> <br /> From: Buthead16<br />
lol! :)
is it possible to flag a comment as awesome?
&nbsp;i can make a &nbsp;instructable for you! showing how to&nbsp;increase&nbsp;he power&nbsp;
dosehnt wurk <br>
&nbsp;What this mod is trying to accomplish is, that you dont use the trigger to activate the lazer you use a switch!
really nice, i might do this mode with the barrel mod for this gun.<br /> <br /> But i might switch the light out for a laser like torque66 said.&nbsp; also i'd want the momentary switch on the handle so i can press it with my thumb, making the gun one handed (maybe have two guns :3)<br /> <br /> &nbsp;thank you for this ^_^<br />
I saw that you are 12, I'm 14 so I know how it is with that age thing that people always say. were in the same boat bro.<br />
I dont get it. is it supposed o make the laser on the gun better than before so that it is like a real laser pointer
I did this mod (Great mod by the way) but, during the process i switched the stock piece of crap light with an actual laser pointer. so i can switch the laser on and i don't have to hold it down. It's like a real tactical gun now.<br />
I just take out the whole laser mess then I have two more areas to keep ammo. Good instructable!
Why not just be careful? Or strap a lazer pointer to it? I have one and Thought it wasnt good after I compared it to a pump- marshmallow gun that I made modified ammo for.
Honestly, the idea of the mod is really good, but why not just be careful? Still, can't argue with the results (unless you have to fire one with one hand).
I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron!
Great Instructable! However, if you are a lazy person (like me) then Congratulations! You don't have to do this! Just hold the trigger down so the light goes on, then, while keeping the trigger down, pull back the plunger all the way and let go. Hope it helps! Also, if you want some great darts for your gun, click my name, then click my only Instructable (so far).
I did kinda did this, but instead of making a new switch, make a small hole to the right of the two dart holder things and push the switch through. Then just use your middle finger to push it on or just off.
I am going to do a simple mod to my nitefinder.<br/>im hacking it so the holder holds 8 darts.<br/>(\ /)<br/>(='.'=)bunny<br/>(&quot;)_(&quot;)<br/>
i know how 2 make it hold 9
As a suggestion, you could replace the cheap red bulb that NERF put in with an LED or something. Maybe a MiniMag krypton bulb too... lol i feel like going out and buying a gun right now...haven't played with these in AGES...
I put a new o-ring and a new spring in it and removed air restrictor so it shoots about 60 feet
NICE and age doesn't matter
I modded my nitefinder, I added a crayola barrel and took out the light, I also took out the air restrictor and added rubber bands, it goes so far now.
pretty sweet write-up, but i already modified my nitefinder and don't feel like getting a new one. thanx.
Also, I've got over 50 brand new homemade darts. All of them are tipped and weighted. They are all a great buy and for sale for VERY CHEAP.
Why buy from this guy, when you can make your own darts?
Not for sale no more, and you'd buy from me cuz it's quicker! Less work....
Hey, nice instruct. Sounds like to much work to me though. I've got a nite finder gun and it's good enough with the basic mods. Post more instructables!!!
nice job, but age has nothing to do with a good or bad instructable.
Thank you!! When people make age the excuse for having a bad instructable I die a little inside.

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