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This nerf gun hack makes a switch shot EX3 into an AWESOME airsoft gun. This is an extremely easy hack which requires absolutely NO MODDING (to the gun) WHATSOEVER!!! And as far as I'm concerned this is the first EX3 mod.
Both barrel parts aren't mine and credits go to whoever made them. 
Oh and I have no idea what the fps is sorry.
Constructive criticism welcome.

First instructable please be nice.

Step 1: Materials

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You only need 3 things for this mod:

a dismantled BIC pen tube
a nerf dart minus the velcro, plunger, whistle, etc.
a nerf switch shot EX3 (will probably work with any front-loaded gun)
and a pair of needle nose pliers
You really dont need the nerf dart all you have to do is pit the pen down the barrel and tape around the edges and you can shoot about twice as far as this
lowe4 years ago
READ THIS: If you do the air rrestricter mod, this airsoft gun goes 2 times futher, no joke.I made a magazine for this and i made a perfect hop up
how did you make it
awaite4 years ago
Is there a way to make this magazine feed?
DJNASHA awaite3 years ago
bic pen tube a.k.a body
a_person (author)  awaite4 years ago
I tried adding a mag feed but it went down in flames..... it acted more like a Shotgun. give it a try though
lowe a_person4 years ago
When you tried to make the mag, did the bbs shoot out of the mag?
a_person (author)  lowe4 years ago
The bullets shot out of the barrel
Fractal Art4 years ago
Very simple. I'm going to try this later - thanks for the Instructable!
a_person (author)  Fractal Art4 years ago
No problem! I actually replaced the barrel with PVC and removed the air restrictor a couple weeks ago. When I re-tried this mod on it it was SCARY. It was like a full powered airsoft gun. I'm thinking about posting it. :)
my parents wont let me have an airsoft and my friends tease me about it
a_person (author)  cookie384 years ago
to cookie and milamber this works with ANY barrel loaded nerf gun and I would not recommend using this for a airsoft gun fight because it takes forever to load and shoot and the PVC barrel thing ccant really be posted but I'll try
please do
what nah i have no stupidity i just sorta did a poor mans hack to my dart tag gun (FYI it somehow started shooting normal neft darts 25 ft.) by adding a light and scope that improves aim now this somebody who does a nerf fight with me at night should watch out. :)
its a nerf pistol snipers dream LOL!!! XD
stupidninja4 years ago
im trying copper bb's
DBMods5 years ago
what did you do to your night finder
a_person (author)  DBMods5 years ago
its not a nitefinder its a switch shot there 2 different guns
DBMods a_person5 years ago
a_person (author)  DBMods5 years ago
ya glad i could help