Nerf Gun Mod for the Nerf Utility Gun!





Introduction: Nerf Gun Mod for the Nerf Utility Gun!

A mod for a very beat up/ old/ missing rocket nerf utility gun! This mod will make it shoot flower or baking soada, you can use this for:
cool effects for plays or vidios
dramatic effect for shooting somone
or if you just like to be dramatic, everytime you walk around a corner shoot it and walk through the dust!

Step 1:

For this mod you need:
a nerf utility gun
frower of baking soda
a pvc pipe (optionel)
and a rubberband (optinal too)

Step 2:

So now put the rubberband on the pvc pipe and connect onto the gun! Like in the pictures (this step just makes it look cool and is optional) Then take the big orange thing off.

Step 3:

Fill the orange thing with flower PUMP UP THE GUN BEFORE YOU PUT THE ORANGE THING BACK ON..

Step 4:

Now GO OUTSITE TO SHOOT IT (unless you want to cleat it all up!) here is a video of the finished product.



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1 - it's the nerf UNITY blaster 2 - Go back to school for about 10 years and learn how to spell stuff right

no offence but owned (no im not a hippy)

Really? Usually people own me. Yayyyy! Now I am going to be optamistic all day!

I don't see how I was owned, he actually owned himself. He said that he worked hard on his spelling, and yet he spelled every other word wrong. And why do I have a feeling that the "visual foolery" excuse is just that, and excuse because he can't spell anything right.

Listen, soooorrrryyyy for being bad at spelling. I worked very hard should have seen my spelling before I studied. Dude, is it a crime to be a bad speller? No! Owning my self? now that just hurt. But once again I will take your advice and go slower on making instructables.

#1 rule in making instructables - use SPELL CHECK!!!!

oh, Ok! I guess I should do that...thanks!