Introduction: Nerf Gun Pistol Mod

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So This is a nerf gun witch I have modded to shoot 9 times as far!!!You all probably know this mod but I was bored so I made an ible on it!!!
This isn't really an amazing mod as everyone probably knows it.

What you will need:
A stretchy elastic band or two.
A nerf gun pistol with a pull back

Step 1: The Elastic Band

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So for this mod you will need an elastic band. You can just use a regular postman band or you could use a thick one like me. If your band aren't long enough then you will need to tie them together.

1-Place the two bands so that they are overlapping each other.

2-Pull the end of the band on the top under the edge of the band on the bottom.

3-pull the end that you have put under the other band back up through the loop and pull tight.

If you don't understand then look at the pictures.

Step 2: Done!!!

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now all that you have to do is loop it around the bottom of the barrel and around the draw back then you are done!!!

#>>>>WARNING <<<<#
If you put to many bands on the drawback can snap!!! 


nicdepro (author)2013-10-20

nice work but it won't shoot 6 times farther. you would have to mod the nerf Mega centurion to get that far.

Koob Creations (author)2012-09-27

You should try sling shot bands .

TheTicklemehellmo (author)2011-08-13

Very nice instructable, But you should try putting the rubber band in the middle front of the gun, so that the tension is not upward, but straight on.- That would greatly reduce the chance of the plunder rod of snapping.

eLeMeNtLtd. (author)2011-04-07

cool :D a gun with 'happines' around it :P

fandr (author)2011-03-21

Wow I am amazed at how much this improves the gun!!!

henster22 (author)fandr2011-03-21

I know I am to

knife maker (author)2011-03-21

Wow this works really well!!!

henster22 (author)knife maker2011-03-21

ThanX i am planning on making alot more like it!!!

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