The holiday season has just ended and some of you may have gotten a Nerf gun as a present, or perhaps you already had one. Regardless, your family and household pets are probably getting pretty annoyed by it at this point, and perhaps you are OCD like me and have to keep track of all of your darts at all times. Well I now have the solution to all your problems. Its a target made out of household items that closes up and stores all of your darts.

Step 1: Materials

All you need to build this is a few household items.

1) A cigar box (or any hinged box about the same size you can find)
2) Fabric (I used some old felt I found around the house)
3) Scissors (or anything else sharp that will cut the fabric)
4) A hot glue gun (just something to attach the fabric to the box)
5) A pencil (or a skewer or a twig)
6) A Nerf gun to shoot at it
this is good what gave u the idea.
This is a pretty good instructable. Especially because the target is so small in comparison to the ones you find on the market these days. All in all i think it deserves a four out of five.<br />
good idea, having the target be the holding case. i like that. ill have to do that later
im not ocd but i freak out when i lose darts but i gett over it
Awesome idea.

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