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skilletI'm am going to show you how to mod the nerf hyper fire.
First you need the gun.
Then you need a saw.
Hot glue gun and duct tape.
The black thing on the back of the recon cs6 and the nerf raider.

Step 1:

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This is optional. You can take a hacksaw and cut off the grip.Then add duct tape on the hole.

Step 2:

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Now for the kind of difficult  part .Take hot glue and glue the black piece onto the back of the gun.The first time i used duct tape. but it isnt good looking

Step 3:

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Then just put on the stock and then you have a rifle in dart tag.

Step 4:

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Your finshed then go out there and whip some butts.


motomax99 (author)2012-02-24

Loved these guns. someone should find out how to make them full auto, that would be sick

~Meme~ (author)2012-01-27

I liked it with the front handel. I mean it looks like a SMG.

hcho (author)2011-06-21

I would rate it as a 4.99 because it just looks like something is missing.
Not because it is red. Oh yeah, because the gun has 2 unmatching colors. (not to be offensive)
Also, what color did you paint it with? I think blue and orange would be cool, just like the longstrike and raider.

lil larry (author)2011-02-02


domo0 (author)2010-12-07

Yeah that was before I started painting.

knuckel (author)2010-05-05

nice mod, i think it could use some paint though

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-17

nice mod dude it is cool and deffinitly one of a kind and im not being sarcastic at all what gave u the idea and what is the ranges for it also how accurate is at 45ft and is it modded if not i know a modder who can help.

domo0 (author)MAVREV132010-03-17

thanks man. I tried taking apart my blue one put it went boom.I or my dad did not have the right screw driver for it. my dad has tons of them.But if I did ever get one I will check it out.I really haven't check it's ranges because I have been moding my long shot thats a nother instructable.

MAVREV13 (author)domo02010-03-17

also is ur ls done.

MAVREV13 (author)domo02010-03-17

no problem if u want to mod it check out a modder on youtube his name is UIN13 and he is the dude i got interested in modding it also if u need help with ur longshot mod ask and i should be able to help because ive modded 4 longshots and none of them broke yet the reason i say yet is because my dumb cuzzent thinks well if i can get As i can mod and i really hope it broke 1 reason he is a word i cant say on here without getting band 2nd he thinks he is better than everyone sorry im getting of topic to tell u the truth i was looking up on this site nerf mods i saw urs and checked it out and saw something similar to what i said on my MAVREV13 AR15 armorlite check it out is a recon mod and u dont have to but if u want just look it up and if u see me having a ''fight'' with okishma i checked out his pro file and the guy is an airsoft man commenting on a nerf relatted prodject anyway u ike nerf and mods to them so dont think im going to bite ur head off if u sudjest it is not an ar15 armorlite but scroll down and look at the Real and look at my mod.

domo0 (author)2010-03-15

please respond and rate

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