Nerf Longshot .50 Cal

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Introduction: Nerf Longshot .50 Cal

this is my longshot. it took me about 2 days to modify and paint it. the mods i did were doubling up the spring with a recon spring, removed both Ar's, and i took out all the safteys. oh and it is about 4 feet long with the extended barrel.



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    Do you think we can get a download without premium

    I am doing this. I am doing this now and no one is going to stop me. Btw favourited

    it doesn't really look to much like Barret .50. you could make a muzzle brake. But that might be a little hard. GOOD JOB OVER ALL

    This may be an old post but get off your xbox and look at this your precious Barrett isn't the only thing in the world

    i don't have and xbox or ps3 okay?! i don't really like video games. i'd rather get out and play paintball...

    yep. but for me ... airsoft

    well my friend, "Barret .50." that's vague isn't it?
    because Barret makes lots of different firearms, you might be thinking of the M107 or m82A3

    Or the M99.Wait, wasn't that a 50 BMG?

    yes very true indeed..but this m82 has no muzzle brake soo this is more of the m82a1 ;)