Nerf Longshot Clip Mod: Drum Magazine





Introduction: Nerf Longshot Clip Mod: Drum Magazine

this is my nerf longshot and i had an idea that was 5 star. i cant belive anyone else hadnt of thought of this. A drum magazine is a clip ussually for a heavy machine gun, it carrys a high amount of bullets in the cylinder shaped mag.

Step 1: Materials

1. 1 roll of duct tape (any color)
2. 2 CD-ROMs you dont care about
3. NERF Longshot CS-6 sniper rifle
4. NERF Longshot magazine
5.10 in of PVC Pipe (preffered 1/2 in in diameter)
6. hacksaw or PVC cutter
7.OPTIONAL spray paint (color you want the mag to be)
8.Hot glue gun
9.20 minutes of time

Step 2: Cut Piping Reinforcement

cut your 10 in pvc to 3, 2.7 in long pieces with the hacksaw or PVC cutter.

Step 3: Glue Disks on Mag

use the hot glue gun to secure the disks on the sides of the Mag.

Step 4: Reinforcements (PVC)

glue the pieces of pvc between the disks to make it more solid
you are almost done.

Step 5: Wrap in Duct Tape

wrap the disks in duct tape (5-12 layers is recommended otherwise it is really flimsy
try to be neat.

Step 6: Fit the Mag Into the Longshot.

see if it fits

it should work like this



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    I made a banana clip from 2two 6 dart mags, a flip-clip attachment, a piece of coat hanger, and some duct tape.

    grab a Retaliator from a local target, you will get a legitimate 25 dart drum

    or just do a cosmetic (and range enhancing mod) like this

    photo-2014-04-30, 12:16 AM.jpg

    What are you trying to do, psyke out your opponents?

    OPPONENT 1: Oh no! Jared's got an extended mag Longshot Nerf Sniper! We are
    totally toast, man
    (Jared goes to reload his gun after 6 shots...)
    OPPONENT 2: WTF!?!?! Why is he reloading already?
    I am so scared now!<-Sarcasm

    i got a raider for $20

    Trust me I'm a doctor

    Dude how does this enhance performance... you should get the alpha trooper drum it still holds a good amount of ammo and it is less aqward than the raider drum

    Trust me I'm a doctor

    because.... i dont waste my good money

    ok ok sorry

    your right the raider is pretty expensive

    40 bucks :(

    where I live you can get it at any walmart for $32