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Introduction: Nerf Longshot Clip Mod: Drum Magazine

About: I'm Jared. I was born on Halloween so i am usually really enthusiastic about it and i am just one of those people, those known as creative inventors.

this is my nerf longshot and i had an idea that was 5 star. i cant belive anyone else hadnt of thought of this. A drum magazine is a clip ussually for a heavy machine gun, it carrys a high amount of bullets in the cylinder shaped mag.

Step 1: Materials

1. 1 roll of duct tape (any color)
2. 2 CD-ROMs you dont care about
3. NERF Longshot CS-6 sniper rifle
4. NERF Longshot magazine
5.10 in of PVC Pipe (preffered 1/2 in in diameter)
6. hacksaw or PVC cutter
7.OPTIONAL spray paint (color you want the mag to be)
8.Hot glue gun
9.20 minutes of time

Step 2: Cut Piping Reinforcement

cut your 10 in pvc to 3, 2.7 in long pieces with the hacksaw or PVC cutter.

Step 3: Glue Disks on Mag

use the hot glue gun to secure the disks on the sides of the Mag.

Step 4: Reinforcements (PVC)

glue the pieces of pvc between the disks to make it more solid
you are almost done.

Step 5: Wrap in Duct Tape

wrap the disks in duct tape (5-12 layers is recommended otherwise it is really flimsy
try to be neat.

Step 6: Fit the Mag Into the Longshot.

see if it fits

it should work like this



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    I made a banana clip from 2two 6 dart mags, a flip-clip attachment, a piece of coat hanger, and some duct tape.

    grab a Retaliator from a local target, you will get a legitimate 25 dart drum

    or just do a cosmetic (and range enhancing mod) like this

    photo-2014-04-30, 12:16 AM.jpg

    What are you trying to do, psyke out your opponents?

    OPPONENT 1: Oh no! Jared's got an extended mag Longshot Nerf Sniper! We are
    totally toast, man
    (Jared goes to reload his gun after 6 shots...)
    OPPONENT 2: WTF!?!?! Why is he reloading already?
    I am so scared now!<-Sarcasm

    i got a raider for $20

    Trust me I'm a doctor

    Dude how does this enhance performance... you should get the alpha trooper drum it still holds a good amount of ammo and it is less aqward than the raider drum

    Trust me I'm a doctor

    because.... i dont waste my good money

    ok ok sorry

    your right the raider is pretty expensive

    40 bucks :(

    where I live you can get it at any walmart for $32

    40 bucks is almost nothing when you have almost every nerf gun that has come out since 2006...

    why not just by the drum off the raider

    Why would you want this drum? It would mess up your space on nerf wars and probably break off.

    1 reply

    please dude sendme this pdf to my mail, i need this pdf for my tesis is a short, and i needed mush guns please, sorry my bad english

    1 reply

    you should just use the raider clip it holds more ammo anyway

    if u make it a curved clip ( curving foreward )and put it on a recon, it will look like an AK -47

    1 reply

    you mean a Bannanna clip.