this is my nerf longstrike modded with air restrictor removed with a red tiger paint job. sorry if some of the imagesare a little blurry. note: this gun is rare where i live and it its hard to find at toy stores. this gun though shoots pretty far for a reversed plunger gun. i was surprised. and it does that far range with the long barrel attachment. the other gun on is my snow tiger longshot ssr.
omg mate....that's sexy!
Sick camo man. Keep it up.
the longstrike kinda reminds me of a dragunov
nah more like the m14 ebr
no, just a sniper rifle, i didnt mod it to look like any gun
Epic. 5*
cool.ill try to paint a camouflage color.5*
how did you make the black stripes? <br>
How did you do the paintjob? <br>
wat gun is the one above it on some of the pics
The Longshot
This looks badass.
Awesome paint job. Red Tiger looks very nice on the Longstrike.
thnx dude
wow you get 70 feet with a longstrike with just removed ar's? i take it u mean angled, nice paintjob tho, the other gun looks sweet to
no its not angled. i was actualy kinda surprized that it would get such great range from a simple mod. if ur wondering i did use tape measure btw.
if u all are wondering what the ranges are they are about 50+ ft with the barrel wttachment. without the barrel it gets about 70+ ft.
how did you paint it?
stick on costum stencils
oh and please rate and comment
i prefer the gun with the urban camo

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