Nerf Longstrike Red Tiger





Introduction: Nerf Longstrike Red Tiger

this is my nerf longstrike modded with air restrictor removed with a red tiger paint job. sorry if some of the imagesare a little blurry. note: this gun is rare where i live and it its hard to find at toy stores. this gun though shoots pretty far for a reversed plunger gun. i was surprised. and it does that far range with the long barrel attachment. the other gun on is my snow tiger longshot ssr.



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    omg mate....that's sexy!

    the longstrike kinda reminds me of a dragunov

    no, just a sniper rifle, i didnt mod it to look like any gun

    cool.ill try to paint a camouflage color.5*

    how did you make the black stripes?

    wat gun is the one above it on some of the pics

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    Awesome paint job. Red Tiger looks very nice on the Longstrike.

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    wow you get 70 feet with a longstrike with just removed ar's? i take it u mean angled, nice paintjob tho, the other gun looks sweet to

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    no its not angled. i was actualy kinda surprized that it would get such great range from a simple mod. if ur wondering i did use tape measure btw.

    if u all are wondering what the ranges are they are about 50+ ft with the barrel wttachment. without the barrel it gets about 70+ ft.

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