Introduction: Nerf Mod/help

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This should help you reload in a nerf war

Step 1: The Magazine

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Get a nerf elite magazine with no darts

Step 2:

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Put 2 green elite darts in the magazine

Step 3:

Then just fill the magazine with blue elite darts and you are done


Seth_f15 (author)2015-08-21

this was an idea made by a youtube dude coop772

actually, more than one person came up with this on their own without getting it from youtibe or anybody. I know i did

jcgpopcorn23 (author)2015-10-20

Thank you so much, you are the one person that I've seen that knows that it is a magazine and not a clip.

nerfanator135 (author)2015-08-23

Nice idea, a great way to tell when you are almost out of ammo!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-22

Nice mod design.

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