Nerf Recon Cs-6 Foregrip





Introduction: Nerf Recon Cs-6 Foregrip

 Hello all this is my first instrctable so ima show u how to make a recon cs-6 for grip using these materials:
longshot pistol
recon cs-6

recon cs-6 scope



Step 1: Take Apart the Pistol

 take ur pistol and take it apart  by unscrewing it then

take out the top part if u want it for surpressor and the handle

Step 2: Take the Scope Off the Scope

i dont need a picture for this step

just take the scope off the yellow thing

Step 3: Tape the Handle to the Yellow Part

 tape it so the black part is still showing and walah

Step 4: Conclusion

 ur done now u can slide it on and off thanks for reading and pls comment



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    Sounds nice! I would make it but I don't have the longshot

    I don't understand this one bit dude, make your instructables clear next time.

    voila, not walah.


    This isn't a text message, use proper english, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    You didn't explain it very well, but if you did, this would be a great instructable!!!!!!

     what yellow thing PIC PLS

    if ur thinking of modding it ive got an instructble on modding a recon if ur interested and if u like it comment also i dont have a raider stock to spair.

    nice mod does it make the recon any more accurate and is it modded.

    1 reply

     it doesn't make it more accurate but makes it easier to hold and no mine is not modded

     i took the barrel unscrewed it and stuck the longshot pistols barrel in it ill post a instructable in a few days