Hello all this is my first instrctable so ima show u how to make a recon cs-6 for grip using these materials:
longshot pistol
recon cs-6

recon cs-6 scope



Step 1: Take apart the pistol

Picture of take apart the pistol
 take ur pistol and take it apart  by unscrewing it then

take out the top part if u want it for surpressor and the handle
erattray4 years ago
u suck
sirodim904 years ago
I don't understand this one bit dude, make your instructables clear next time.
masononi4 years ago
voila, not walah.
tim14 years ago
This isn't a text message, use proper english, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
tim14 years ago
You didn't explain it very well, but if you did, this would be a great instructable!!!!!!
knuckel5 years ago
 what yellow thing PIC PLS
MAVREV135 years ago
if ur thinking of modding it ive got an instructble on modding a recon if ur interested and if u like it comment also i dont have a raider stock to spair.
MAVREV135 years ago
nice mod does it make the recon any more accurate and is it modded.
superjail3 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
 it doesn't make it more accurate but makes it easier to hold and no mine is not modded
grotle12315 years ago
how did  you get the suppresor for the gun?
superjail3 (author)  grotle12315 years ago
 i took the barrel unscrewed it and stuck the longshot pistols barrel in it ill post a instructable in a few days