Nerf Shell Ejection Mod





Introduction: Nerf Shell Ejection Mod

I had the idea to make nerf shells like shotgun shells out of regular darts. The foam tube flies about 6 feet while the dart dome flies about 20 feet or more, depending on the range of the gun

Step 1: Get Darts

get however many darts you want to make into shells. I used elite darts but you can use any darts.

Step 2: Removing the Dome

either bite off the dome of the dart or use scissors. you could use an x-acto knife to make it precise.

Step 3: Re-assembly

Now you have to reassemble the dart. Push the dome into one of the two ends of the open tube. loading it into the chopped up end will make it shoot faster than the tube will. Loading it into the clean end will make the dome shoot at the same speed as the tube.

Step 4: Loading

Take the reassembled start and stick it into the gun. This will work in all air-powered Nerf guns but it won't work in flywheel powered guns like the stryfe and the rapidstrike.

Step 5: Shoot!

cock the gun and shoot it. at long range in a modded maverick it shot the Tube 6 feet away from where the dome did at 40 feet.



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    very great for surprise attacks lol!

    Interesting. Can you double or triple-stack them for a shotgun effect?

    You could, but you may have to cut small holes in the top of the domes. If you are using a belt-fed blaster like the vulcan, then you can stack as many as the length of the dart holder allows, though you'd have to remove the air restrictors in the belt.