Nerf War/fight Tactics!





Introduction: Nerf War/fight Tactics!

Having Nerf wars with your friends is great fun! In this instructable I will be showing you some of the Nerf war tactics that I use

Step 1: Ambush Places!

Ambushes are great because you can surprise your victem so they don't have time to fire at you...but if you miss...

Step 2: Nerf Guns!

Nerf guns have there advintiges and disadvantiges.
These are the Nerf guns that I have!

Step 3: Tactics.

So ofcorse ambushing people is great but there are lots more tactics! If you are in face to face combat, make sure that if you have a group you STAY TOGEATHER, I have won many battlels this way!

Step 4: Conclusion

That is the end of the instructable if you have any questions please leave a comment, I read all my comments so you WILL get your answer!



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You know, it is really boring to just hide and stay in a recycle bin for the whole game. I know a better way to make things fun. Get one of those big television boxes or something. you know, those tall ones. then cut 1 or 2 holes on each side and a bigger one big enough for the end of your gun to peak out through so you can snipe people secretly. That way, you can move around with your legs through the opening at the bottom of the box. Also, make sure that you don't make to many holes. Three holes on each side, that;s all, because if you have too many, then the box might get get weak or rip.

Hey thats a good idea! Cause then when people pass the box, they probably think it is just a bunch of recycling!

mavericks jam

I would never trust a maverick in a nerf battle. it is hard to load and offers no advantage over other guns even if it is a well rounded and half decent blaster.

In my opinion, I would prefer a BB tek six.

me? i would reccommend a nerf rival apollo or a nerf rival zues. if you cannot get those, a stockade is good too. secondaries? well, there only is one that is reasonably effective. the hammershot!

I have a Maverick and a Tek 6 and I prefer the Maverick over the Tek 6 because of the fact that the Maverick is: 1.More powerful,2.More accurate,and 3.the Maverick has a tactical rail and is a lot easier to pull back.

actually a nerf maverick has a reverse plunger and a rampage has a direct plunger thefore the rampage is stronger second the rampage is better due to the review at nerf.wikia even look
ps even the raider cs 35 is better than the maverick and even the rampage exesseds the radier cs35

Haha, I made this instructable a looong time ago. Those dident even exist when I posted this.

true but the they had the raider cs-35 which is better than the rampage

i now like the vigilon better than both, but i would choose the maverick over the tek 6 any day