Introduction: Nerf War/fight Tactics!

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Having Nerf wars with your friends is great fun! In this instructable I will be showing you some of the Nerf war tactics that I use

Step 1: Ambush Places!

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Ambushes are great because you can surprise your victem so they don't have time to fire at you...but if you miss...

Step 2: Nerf Guns!

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Nerf guns have there advintiges and disadvantiges.
These are the Nerf guns that I have!

Step 3: Tactics.

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So ofcorse ambushing people is great but there are lots more tactics! If you are in face to face combat, make sure that if you have a group you STAY TOGEATHER, I have won many battlels this way!

Step 4: Conclusion

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That is the end of the instructable if you have any questions please leave a comment, I read all my comments so you WILL get your answer!


hcho (author)2011-06-21

You know, it is really boring to just hide and stay in a recycle bin for the whole game. I know a better way to make things fun. Get one of those big television boxes or something. you know, those tall ones. then cut 1 or 2 holes on each side and a bigger one big enough for the end of your gun to peak out through so you can snipe people secretly. That way, you can move around with your legs through the opening at the bottom of the box. Also, make sure that you don't make to many holes. Three holes on each side, that;s all, because if you have too many, then the box might get get weak or rip.

popscott3 (author)hcho2011-06-21

Hey thats a good idea! Cause then when people pass the box, they probably think it is just a bunch of recycling!

2024bia80 (author)2017-11-10

My maverick jammed like nuts so use a strongarm or disrupter

sithlil (author)2011-03-25

mavericks jam

Toroloco11 (author)sithlil2017-10-09

I prefer hammershot

alarson3 (author)sithlil2011-06-13

I would never trust a maverick in a nerf battle. it is hard to load and offers no advantage over other guns even if it is a well rounded and half decent blaster.

In my opinion, I would prefer a BB tek six.

jammerock2000 (author)alarson32011-09-25

I have a Maverick and a Tek 6 and I prefer the Maverick over the Tek 6 because of the fact that the Maverick is: 1.More powerful,2.More accurate,and 3.the Maverick has a tactical rail and is a lot easier to pull back.

35Timmy (author)jammerock20002012-09-16

actually a nerf maverick has a reverse plunger and a rampage has a direct plunger thefore the rampage is stronger second the rampage is better due to the review at nerf.wikia even look
ps even the raider cs 35 is better than the maverick and even the rampage exesseds the radier cs35

popscott3 (author)35Timmy2012-09-16

Haha, I made this instructable a looong time ago. Those dident even exist when I posted this.

35Timmy (author)popscott32012-09-20

true but the they had the raider cs-35 which is better than the rampage

sithlil (author)jammerock20002011-09-26

i now like the vigilon better than both, but i would choose the maverick over the tek 6 any day

35Timmy (author)alarson32012-09-10

i might trust a maverick but not as much as a nerf rampage and the only reason the author of the article does have sucess in cuase he hides in a gaint recycle bin if it was more direct then there would be a problum with that maverick

recon rules (author)sithlil2012-03-24

mine dosent

popscott3 (author)sithlil2011-03-26

Really? Mine doesent. Maby you need to get new bullets. Sometimes if they are bent/ riped then they jam up the gun.

sithlil (author)popscott32011-03-26

if you use streamline darts they don't jam and they shoot further

nunchucker (author)sithlil2011-06-25

Suction darts are more accurate and quieter

popscott3 (author)sithlil2011-03-27

True, but I think whistler and velcro darts go ferther because they are nose heavy. If youget a little fome airplane it always has to be nose heavy or it won't fly

SiddharthK20 (author)2016-03-17

Hey guys I needed to know what would be the best tactic for me if I am really good at using a strongarm? P.S. if it means anything i can snipe pretty well

Zombiesniper001 (author)2015-05-17

I'm new to nerf (as of Christmas 14-15). I found your tactics ok. I liked the ambush ideas, but I'm a zombie strike kinda guy so some of these ambush places won't work on the sling fire

mkarpinka (author)2014-06-07

How should I war with my retaliator?

mkarpinka (author)2014-06-07

How should I war with my retaliator?

ilya128 (author)2013-02-21

its good to have a RAMPAGE and a DEPLOY CS-6 and a nerf vest/jacket. when you use all the ammo for the RAMPAGE put it on your shoulder or somwhere not on the ground for the enemy to pick up. then take the DEPLOY CS-6 and when you use all the ammo for that take another magazine with bullets in from the vest. You could take another smaller gun for more ammo.

ilya128 (author)2013-02-21

its good to have a RAMPAGE and a DEPLOY CS-6 and a nerf vest/jacket. when you use all the ammo for the RAMPAGE put it on your shoulder or somwhere not on the ground for the enemy to pick up. then take the DEPLOY CS-6 and when you use all the ammo for that take another magazine with bullets in from the vest. You could take another smaller gun for more ammo.

Fractal Art (author)2010-09-27

I was once perfectly camouflaged in the dark, and nobody could see me (even from ten feet). Then I did something stupid and jumped out at the three-man squad with only a Maverick... to make things worse, I missed every time.

popscott3 (author)Fractal Art2010-09-27

Oooh, I always use my mavric no mater what, when I was in the trash cart the other team would always split up! (we were doing hunter V.s prey and I was the prey) so one person would walk by and get shot by me...that happend to all but one of them, who got shot at the end.

35Timmy (author)popscott32012-09-20

yeah but in normal nerf wars but to do it tdm is not a good idea becuase then the're done playing because all their team mates are too far away so their opoments get away with i am being constructive so when consitering a plan in a game like tdm never plan to do it all alone unless it's every man for himself

darknessfalls (author)2010-09-24

i am an Avid HVZer (Humans Vs Zombies) and we use NERF blasters a lot. he have had many missions where we were running down an ally to get away from zombies, they are useful places as it limits how many of them are on the front line... in ym opinion the Raider is the best blaster (although i have yet to try the AT or the Stampede) but the35 dart drum is very useful...

billybenj (author)darknessfalls2010-09-26

I agree, I hate mavericks.

CHANGE my name (author)billybenj2011-01-25

why? there cool, inexpensive, and they look like a fking.....uh futuristict revolver

peyton14 (author)CHANGE my name2012-05-15

yeah add peny mod and silencer!

popscott3 (author)billybenj2010-09-26

You hate mavrics? I love them...why do you hate them?

billybenj (author)popscott32010-09-26

Because they have bad ranges, they have reverse plungers, and i like single shot guns better.

darknessfalls (author)billybenj2010-09-26

hmmm my Mav gets better range than my recon (recently at least) but the Raider is best (at least the drum and pump action aspects of it)

billybenj (author)darknessfalls2010-09-27

Mine probably get bad ranges because i did a crap job of modding them then, haha

Famoosh (author)billybenj2011-01-16

Ima put this to rest and say that Stampede + 36-dart drum = the best Nerf gun. The only thing that might be better would be one of those mavericks with 3 barrels hooked up to it.

popscott3 (author)Famoosh2011-01-16

Ohh that would be awsome, haspro actually made a new gun! I actually think that it is going (maby) to be the best nerf gun!

I think the nerf deploy is the best.

sithlil (author)darknessfalls2011-03-28

the alpha troopa shoots really far and has slam fire. its awesome. stampede really good as well

popscott3 (author)sithlil2011-03-28

I bet, altho I have never seen one in action...

usb key (author)2011-03-26

You have chickens!?! I am jealous.

recon rules (author)usb key2012-03-24

So have i we've got rhode island reds $100 for 20

popscott3 (author)usb key2011-03-26

Yup! If you are planing to get some they are just $2.00!

recon rules (author)2012-03-24

i've got a recon cs-6 and my best friend has one too (both sonic)
do you think that we could have a good nerf war with just 1 type of gun or should we buy more?If we should buy more i'm going to new zeland next week (conveniant!)so i could buy a couple there.

emclean (author)2011-11-07

any gun can jam, it just depends on with what and how you load it

i rock guitar (author)2011-07-27

im thinking of getting the longstrike sc-6 do you recon i should get it or get another one like the stampede

sithlil (author)2011-07-09

my vulcan doesnt jam

wernarner84 (author)2011-05-12

If you think the maverick shoots far, you haven't seen many guns and/or are inexperienced. The longshot uses a normal plunger system, which shoots farther, as opposed to all new N-Strike guns, which have an inverse plunger, which isnt nearly as powerful. Guns like the Nite Finder and Longshot (NOT longstrike) have normal plungers. Not saying the maverick is bad, its decent. There are just better guns in the NERF world.

laserdude (author)2011-01-23

Very interesting .What where you doing in the bin.(i wonder)

popscott3 (author)laserdude2011-01-26

Just an example of where to hide! I have lots of assasinations just by sitting an a recycle bin...with PAPER...not trash.

popscott3 (author)2010-09-25

It sure is! The wars that I have the person with the raider always over estimates how many darts they have so they run out! In my opinion the best one is the mavric because it never jams and has exelent range!

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