Step 2: Nerf guns!

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Nerf guns have there advintiges and disadvantiges.
These are the Nerf guns that I have!

sithlil4 years ago
mavericks jam
I would never trust a maverick in a nerf battle. it is hard to load and offers no advantage over other guns even if it is a well rounded and half decent blaster.

In my opinion, I would prefer a BB tek six.
I have a Maverick and a Tek 6 and I prefer the Maverick over the Tek 6 because of the fact that the Maverick is: 1.More powerful,2.More accurate,and 3.the Maverick has a tactical rail and is a lot easier to pull back.
actually a nerf maverick has a reverse plunger and a rampage has a direct plunger thefore the rampage is stronger second the rampage is better due to the review at nerf.wikia even look http://nerf.wikia.com/wiki/Rampage
ps even the raider cs 35 is better than the maverick and even the rampage exesseds the radier cs35
popscott3 (author)  35Timmy2 years ago
Haha, I made this instructable a looong time ago. Those dident even exist when I posted this.
i now like the vigilon better than both, but i would choose the maverick over the tek 6 any day
i might trust a maverick but not as much as a nerf rampage and the only reason the author of the article does have sucess in cuase he hides in a gaint recycle bin if it was more direct then there would be a problum with that maverick
popscott3 (author)  sithlil4 years ago
Really? Mine doesent. Maby you need to get new bullets. Sometimes if they are bent/ riped then they jam up the gun.
if you use streamline darts they don't jam and they shoot further
popscott3 (author)  sithlil4 years ago
True, but I think whistler and velcro darts go ferther because they are nose heavy. If youget a little fome airplane it always has to be nose heavy or it won't fly
emclean3 years ago
any gun can jam, it just depends on with what and how you load it
sithlil4 years ago
my vulcan doesnt jam
wernarner844 years ago
If you think the maverick shoots far, you haven't seen many guns and/or are inexperienced. The longshot uses a normal plunger system, which shoots farther, as opposed to all new N-Strike guns, which have an inverse plunger, which isnt nearly as powerful. Guns like the Nite Finder and Longshot (NOT longstrike) have normal plungers. Not saying the maverick is bad, its decent. There are just better guns in the NERF world.
i can probaly piss further and more acurate than a maverik
popscott3 (author) 4 years ago
old! very dented up too!
polar5684 years ago
is the strike fire old or really new