Having Nerf wars with your friends is great fun! In this instructable I will be showing you some of the Nerf war tactics that I use
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Step 1: Ambush places!

drop pile #3 014.JPG
drop pile #3 015.JPG
drop pile #3 012.JPG
Ambushes are great because you can surprise your victem so they don't have time to fire at you...but if you miss...

Step 2: Nerf guns!

Nerf guns have there advintiges and disadvantiges.
These are the Nerf guns that I have!

Step 4: Conclusion

That is the end of the instructable if you have any questions please leave a comment, I read all my comments so you WILL get your answer!
im thinking of getting the longstrike sc-6 do you recon i should get it or get another one like the stampede
usb key3 years ago
You have chickens!?! I am jealous.
popscott3 (author)  usb key3 years ago
Yup! If you are planing to get some they are just $2.00!
hobbitboy4 years ago
if you are in a group and you all get ambushed it is likly you will all die gut for my nerf team we all split int 3s a sniprer and asault
popscott3 (author)  hobbitboy4 years ago
That is a good stradagy! I am the master at ambushing but when my team gets ambushed all that we do is scatter, dodging bullets into cover around us...then the enemy is surrounded!