Introduction: NES Controller IPhone4 Skin

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Do you have a boring clear case for your uber cool iPhone 4? 

Well, here is your chance to make your iPhone4 to look even cooler!

Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need

1. iPhone 4: Kinda goes without saying...
2. iPhone 4 case with clear back side: I am using Belkin's case that Apple is giving away to iPHone4 users
3. Straight edge
4. Exacto Knife
5. Scissors: Craft level sharp tipped ones are best for craft purpose.  I am using Fiskars' Softgrip.

6. Skin Print out: Go to ( and click on "Download Image" button to download high res image.  Print after downloading it.

*Set the printing size to 2.223x4.436inches in 600ppi.  Image resolution should retain 1334x2662.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Skin 01

Picture of Cutting Out the Skin 01

*Use straight edge and Exacto knife to cut out the outside straight lines of the skin.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Skin 02

Picture of Cutting Out the Skin 02

*Cut out the rounded edge of the skin using the scissors.

*I personally find it easy to cut around rounded edges using scissors rather than using the Exacto knife. 

Step 4: Cutting Out the Skin 03

Picture of Cutting Out the Skin 03

*Make (+) incision in the part where the camera hole will go

Step 5: Cutting Out the Skin 04

Picture of Cutting Out the Skin 04

*Again, I used scissors to cut out the camera hole. 

*If you got mad skillz to do it with hobby knives, go right ahead.

*If you are using scissors like myself, you have to cut it little bit at a time going around it.

Step 6: Putting It Together 01

Picture of Putting It Together 01

*Put the cut out skin in the iPhone4 case facing down

Step 7: Putting It Together 02

Picture of Putting It Together 02

*Snap together the iPhone4 into the case.

(I had to use my Harinezumi2 to take pictures from this point on... So please forgive me for the lower quality of pictures)

Step 8: Ta-da!

Picture of Ta-da!
*All Finished!

(I switched the finished version of this picture with a clean version)

(I totally forgot "Select" and "Start" marking on the gray part.  The downloadable file has been fixed and will have those markings.  But not the ones in these photos.)

Flash Animation

Step 9: Don't Do It Mr. M!!!

Picture of Don't Do It Mr. M!!!

Is he playing SMB on his MBP?  Does that mean he is using an emulator with jailbroken iPhone4?

Don't do it Mr. M!!!



ginger snaps (author)2011-11-11


Torokun (author)ginger snaps2011-11-11


jtaylor bfa (author)2011-04-03

I love this! very retro, also if anyone out there cant figure out how to print the size right the percentage is 295.74%

Torokun (author)jtaylor bfa2011-04-03

See above for the printing instruction.


tonyscoots (author)2010-09-26

how to print it to size??

Torokun (author)tonyscoots2010-09-26


Sorry about that, I thought the print size would be retained... But it didn't.

I will put the print size info in the step above.

tonyscoots (author)Torokun2010-09-27

Thank you! Worked Great and it looks awesome.

Torokun (author)tonyscoots2010-09-28

You are welcome.

Post some pics! I would love to see it on other people's iPhones. :)

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