Nes Controller With Leds Lighting Up the Logo


Introduction: Nes Controller With Leds Lighting Up the Logo

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All hail The Nes, nothing can be done to make it better. So I thought, this is so cool! I've only gotten smiles whoever has seen it. People have put leds in like this before but not like this and not with a regular original controller.

To do this you need:
- Nes controller
- Small phillips screwdriver
- Hunting/fishing knife, kind of
- Led's and resistors of you choise (colours/strenth)
- Glue (I used liquisol)
- Solder iron and solder

Step 1: First of All

Over it up, and cut it up.

Unscrew all the screws from the back (six of them) and gently peel of the black film on the front. I used a knife to wiggle it bit by bit under it.
Not tkae the knife and make a hole just like in the picture. Make one in the centre a first, then move your way out on the sides. Hold the front up, with the film, agains a light and you'll see how much more you need to carve out. Be careful with this step! If you do it wrong there is no going back.

Step 2: The Soldering

Solder the leds and the resistance together and in the painted picture. Then Solder it onto the nes board, as in the picture, and the glue it down to the inside of the controller front. Put it just at the edge of the hole.

Step 3: It's Done!

This bad boy is now ready to step in!
Peace out



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    I think the crude drawing of the two leds and one resistor is incorrect. This has the long leg (+) going to the resistor which then goes to the 5v point.

    2 replies

    I actually know nothing about that stuff. I simply asked the guys at the shop how I need to connect everything. The drawing is from them and wired up as so. And it works just fine, sooo...

    If it works fine then it shouldnt be a problem. Ive always seen and wired to the cathode of the led and power source. Great instructions btw. I was relieved to see another place to solder the wires. My solder just doesnt stick to the points in the corner

    i have a couple question... First off what color/strength did you get? Secondly the step of soldering both on is a little fuzzy. Solder both on where? And how would I put these in the select start or A/B area? Just curious if doing that many would mess anything up.

    Thanks in advance, I really like this, but don't want to destroy any history.

    Now, I want to try and figure out if I can set the circuit board up with a battery and switch so that instead of having to plug it in, I can just bring it anywhere!

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    Yeah that should work, why not? Should be like a flashlight, a button on the back or in one of the pad buttons, click it, and the logo will shine up.

    I guess the hardware store or home depot etc should have what it takes.
    1. Lightsource that isn't really that bright (it dont need too + it will shine thrue in the wrong places if it is).
    2. A switch, too put on the back of the controller, or in one of the buttons..
    3. Small batterypack

    It sounds allright to me anyway?

    Here they are. The one on the right is the one with the glue behind the logo.


    This is definitely one of my favorite NES mods! Its pretty easy too. I just now finished both my controllers. Now my NES is almost perfected! Thanks for sharing this project Heres a few tips I used a ruler to measure where to cut, rather than just eyeballing it. I also used a hot razor knife to cut out the plastic. Just use a lighter and heat it up for a few seconds. Dont use any high intensity LEDs they are too bright and shine through the logo. You can also, with the controller open and plugged in and system powered up find the perfect position to put the LEDs before you glue. It sounds dangerous but its 5 v... I used a hot glue gun rather than epoxy. Finally I used a small strip of aluminum foil with electric tape on the back to make a reflector which helps distribute the light more evenly.

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    Sounds great man! Any photos uploaded anywhere? One thing I've noticed on my mod is that the light is too bright, you can see the red light in the corners of the black front, I need too add som tejp or something hehe =).

    No pics yet This might help... I just tried this on one controller. I filled the cut out area with a bunch of hot glue The LEDs light up the glue and it kind of glows evenly across the glue. It looks pretty awesome but there is kind of bright spots like with yours and the logo is looking a bit weak at certain angles. I am going to try refinishing the logo too. Im Pretty sure a black magic marker will work for the black Dunno what to do with the red.... I did at one time have this cool transparent red tape If I can find it, it would work perfectly.