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Using a box I made, (see this Instructable: I built a counter-top recycler for Nespresso capsules. 

To use:
Place the used capsule foil-side down on the lid of the box.

Use the masher to mash the capsule, breaking the foil and dumping the grounds in to the box.

Tap, crunch, poke or use the knock of the masher to knock all of the remaining  grounds in to the box.

Recycle the Aluminum capsule, compost the coffee.

(optional: rinse the crushed capsules to get ALL the grounds out.)

Mashing capsules can be therapeutic...


aspirer (author)2014-04-24

Really like your thought process here. I just read that there were enough of those canisters bought in '13 to wrap around the Earth 10 times! How wasteful?

Datawolf (author)2013-12-06

How do you "Recycle the Aluminum capsule" ?

The nerdling (author)Datawolf2013-12-23

put it in the recycle bin

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