dancing tables

I made these dancing* nested cube tables mostly to practice MIG welding and powder coating. The larger table measures about 22" x 22" x 22".

Continue on to see how they were made. Next step - screenshots of my design.

* Thanks to SelkeyMoonbeam for the helpful instructable on embedding images in the text of an Instructable. Trying and failing to get this GIF to fit nicely with the still photos above was really grinding my gears.

Step 1: Design

My design process went as follows

  1. Thought about things to make that involve welding and powder coating - decided on furniture
  2. Picked up an old workbench top (see Materials in next step) - thought I'd make a coffee table
  3. Decided a steel coffee table would be too cumbersome to move around in my car - googled "nesting tables"
  4. Measured the old workbench top, decided the number (2) and size (22", 19") of the tables
  5. Hacked around in Autodesk Inventor until I had the model shown above.
  6. Thought, "Hey, those look pretty decent."

With my design in mind, I was off to buy some steel.

<p>Very well documented and very nice result! I will build mine as soon as possible. However, you paid a huge amount for the hot rolled tube! As far as I remember, where I live, in Palermo, Italy, 1/8th inch wall, 1 inch square tube costs less than $1.5 for each meter and is sold in 6m tubes. The price you paid sounds quite a scam!!</p>
<p>Very thorough and well-made. Great instructable.</p>
<p>Nicely done! And, very thorough tutorial. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>using an excentric sander on wood could cause more scratches. it is known that wood gets always sanded on the fiber directction. just a hint. </p>
<p>Hey Adam, great Instructable - your tips on welding and powder coating will definitely come in useful. Very elegant tables. A word of warning though - from the photos and text it looks like you might have passed the end grain sides of the table top over the jointer (or planer as we can it in the UK). This is generally considered a bad idea and can cause kickback and other nasty accidents. Best sticking to planning the long grain only. Apologies if you know this already, maybe I miss-read the text/photos, in which case maybe this advice will help other readers.</p>
<p>This table is sweet! Thanks for posting a gif that is the perfect size for tumblr too :)</p>
<p>Thanks Penolopy - glad you like them. And re tumblr sizing - you are welcome! Scrolling the instructables tumblr is my favorite way to get my instructables fix.</p>
<p>Turned out great! Nice Instructable too :)</p>

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