In my Family, it's widely known that I love to experiment and play with food.

My sweetheart loves my traditional homemade Chile Rellenos, so this hearty chicken version took him a little by surprise... and quite pleasantly! 

Nesting Hen Chile Rellenos  are a fun and delicious departure in both taste and preparation.   

Roasted Anaheim Chiles are generously filled with shredded chicken and cheese, then nestled atop a cloud of frying egg batter. The Chicken Rellenos are then transfered to a casserole dish to finish baking in the oven.  

Please note: The BEST Chile Rellenos are made using freshly roasted Chiles.  The prep takes a little longer, but the taste and texture of fresh Chiles is a BILLION times better than anything "canned".  They're well worth the effort! 

For the easiest way to fire-roast any chile,  use my technique for No-Sweat Roasted Chile Peppers . It'll save you a LOT of time and the results are flawless.

When your fresh Anaheim Chiles are roasted and the skin has been removed, proceed to step 1. 

Please review each step for the recipe ingredients and  the preparation.

Step 1: Cleaning the Chiles

Your chiles need to be cleaned inside and here's how to do it:

Put on a pair of inexpensive latex or plastic gloves. (The disposable gloves that are sold with Hair coloring kits work just fine)

Just below the stem, cut a T into one side of the chile as pictured. Use your thumbnail (or a grapefruit spoon) to reach inside and scrape/scoop all of the seeds out. Gently pull/peel out the excess membrane from the inner ribs, too. 

Rinse the chile quickly to remove any seeds that might be hiding.

Drain the chile on a paper towel (cut side down) while you prepare the Chicken filling.
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