Picture of Net Sending on a Computer
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send messages with Command Prompt!

Step 1: Opening Command Prompt

Picture of Opening Command Prompt
this part is pretty easy, anyone who has used command prompt before knows how to do this, all you need to do is hold down the windows logo key and r to open up run, or you can just go to start>run

once in run, type in cmd or cmd.exe and then press enter
the command prompt shell should now be open
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مزفرم2 months ago

this is not in my windows 8

services doesnt have Messenger listed.. how do i get it?

SamuelM116 months ago

Make sure your IP is correct and that the Messanger service is enabled for both computers. Otherwise this will NOT work, It states this in the instructable but it doesn't hurt for several warnings.

AliaB9 months ago

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andrewsof1 year ago
if you have different Windows systems better to use lan messaging solutions like Softros, lanmsngr, usually these apps works well in XP, 7,8 etc without any additional services.
tussel4 years ago
if i want to send a friend message then i have to write his IP..is it right??
tussel4 years ago
hey i wrote the command but there is an error in my command prompt that "the message alias could not be found " please tell me what i should do
tycrooks696 years ago
yeah if u could try it on vista that would be cool this is what happens for me i cant get it to work
Apparently, NET SEND was disabled on Vista. But I'm working on a fix. Should it work when I try it, all you will need is an XP computer and a means of file transfer... also, I'll make it into an instructable.
manndude16 years ago
ok i did it fine on xp and my friend is trying it on xp but he cant click apply. it says he cant apply to local computers. i tried to help him but he cant click yes or start or apply . what does he do? ps it works but i cant send stuff to people unless they enable it too?
z2daj (author)  manndude15 years ago
yeah, late late late late response! anyway, it only works if both computers in question have the messeneger service enabled, and as for your friend, is he the system admin?
im running 7 and there aint no messenger so wat do i do now

z2daj (author)  johndoe117875 years ago
 yeah, unfortunately the last OS that Microsoft added this to was on Windows XP, it can't be done in Windows 7 or Windows Vista as M$ completely removed this service from Windows
inforussle5 years ago
its not on vista
MODX7 years ago
Now would this work as to send DOS commands to another computer's command prompt? Hmm...
manndude1 MODX6 years ago
ima look into that it would be pretty cool. send TONS of batch files to a pc remotly. ima DEFINATLY look into that and ima write an instructable about it
GitarGr87 years ago
This is exactly why the first thing I do when I set up a windows machine is disable the messenger service. I'm pretty sure ever since SP2, though, MS has this service disabled by default.
...yeah, if was an okay thing to do there would not be so much stuff marked out with white splotches.
z2daj (author)  thinkahead7 years ago
i just don't want anyone to know my personal IP, at school, who cares?
your personal ip address is behind a router. noone can get to it unless they know your external ip
z2daj (author)  GitarGr87 years ago
yea they do disable it by default
yeah i have vista and there is no "messenger" in the services menu
moobly1016 years ago
im running windows vista as is the other computer... and i cannot find messenger in the list... has it been removed for vista or can i install it from a 3rd party site?
r3ckless0076 years ago
yeah I opened the messenger then the computer said system 5 error how do I get around this?
watson91946 years ago
the coolest hack ive seen on command prompt all day
i cant find messenger. im using vista that might be the problem
mattgeel6 years ago
thnx alot, dude. this helped me out alot.
ownsuall6 years ago
Yeah im so doing this at school =) Keep up the good work z2daj
Yep, since SP2 this has been completely disables unless the user goes into administrative tools and reenables it. The other interesting command is shutdown -i. The -i argument adds the user interface. This command will just down any computer name you give it. It usually works in large corporate areas where the administrators have enabled this so that they can massively shutdown every computer in response to a security or electrical issue.
Someone please help me! i did everything here and it says... Sending files is no longer supported. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3777. ... what should i do? please help me!!
that means net sending isnt enabled on your network. it usally isnt because if it was its really easy to make a batch that sends everyone a nessage over and over again. really anoing
z2daj (author)  wrestler 1037 years ago
you probably didn't start the service, and if you have it on vista or your router is blocking the message port that could be the problem, post back with EVERYTHING you did and i'll see what i can do
thanks for trying to help... OK I have windows xp home on my main computer (the one I am using now) and my second computer which runs xp professional. I have a network that runs off of a Linksys© switch. I turned on messageing on both computers and it still has the same message. Does anyone also know how to share Internet connection over a switch? I can't seem to get it to work.
z2daj (author)  wrestler 1037 years ago
are you using the IP address as the user? try that, and by the way, are the computers hard-wired or wireless? and are you sharing the internet connection over the switch?
they are hard wired with Ethernet cables, lol. Yes, I am trying to share over the switch but its not working for me. please help! how would I use the ip addresses, like how do I set it up in command?
OK I got that net send to work... it works just fine, but I still need help with the Internet sharing part! Also, check out my first Instructable! It is under my page.
z2daj (author)  wrestler 1037 years ago
im not sure if you can share an internet connection over a switch unless you get more than one IP address from your ISP, so i say go for a router
How would I get more than one ip address, what would it consist of, would I have to buy it? I heard that a router is better anyway. Say I got a router, what would I do to set up ICS? Thanks for all your help! Check out my first Instructable! Just click on wrestler 103 to view it.
z2daj (author)  wrestler 1037 years ago
yea just get a wireless router, i recommend the Linksys WRT54G router, then get some wireless cards, and then bingo you got a shared network/internet wirelessly
would i be able to get a wired router? it would be alot easier since i already have the cables and already have wired ethernet cards...
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