Picture of NetBook and laptop stand from scrap materials (military style)
All started when I did my military service in the Greek Army .
So i had a problem with my netbook. As i was puting it over me it was raising temperature because there was no ventilation from the grilles and there was a chance for me to get dozed ,so easily it could be fall and get damaged ...
So i came up with a simple and quick idea... At first I hung it with two strings of military boots down the upper bed , but it was very simple and swinging a lot.
Ι wanted something more specialized and as I had some time and some scrap materials I decided to construct this thing as it shown above...

Step 1: What We Will Need...

Picture of What We Will Need...

What we will need:

1) Wood or Metal (i found a wooden lattice that was containing fruits) ,
you can choose any kind of material that you can work with this , for example an old broom.
2) Self Drilling screws and some nails
3) Adhesive for fabric
4) Strings from old army boots
5) An old army uniform
6) Inox Hinges
7) An of Course some Coffee...

how did that pass inspection?
Murpheus! (author)  thematthatter1 year ago

You mean the stand...????
During inspection i was keep it inside my bag..!!!