Step 1: Download netcat

I have saved you the trouble of 3 minutes of searching Google and have put nc.exe up on instructables for you to download. Optionally, you can also download nc.bat which is a batch file I have created to automate the process for you. Make sure that if you download nc.bat it is 464 bytes, because I kept on uploading versions and finding out something was wrong with it. If it is not 464 bytes, the program will not correspond with this instructable.
nc.exe60 KB
nc.bat464 bytes
netcat error
pedro_331656 years ago
nc.exe is a .tmp file, my antivirus got rid of it. and nc.bat is a webpage.
adaviel6 years ago
If you got here via google "download netcat", see the comments on "intro". nc.bat creates a backdoor on your computer if you run it.