Introduction: Nether

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Step 1: Cobblestone

Place five cobblestone blocks in a cross like this.

Step 2: Gold

Place four gold blocks in the. Corners of the cobblestone cross.

Step 3: Nether Reactor Core

Place a nether reactor core on top of the cobblestone block in the middle of the cross.

Step 4: Cross

Put five more cobblestone blocks in the shape of a cross on top of the nether reactor core.

Step 5: Corners

Put one cobblestone block on top of each gold blocks. So you need four cobblestone blocks because there are four gold blocks.



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    Knew inventor this can send u to the nether in minecraft iPad/iPhone version.

    When u click on the nether reactor with a sword, it becomes this huge building of nether rack and glow stone. There is a zombie pigmen spawned and they start to spawn and u have to fight and kill them.

    you make this on survivle and when you mine the center it makes a small nether fortress kijd of thing and there you can get obsidian netherrack and zombie pigmen