Picture of Network Cards Notebook
This is an easy one, but all your geeky friends will want it.

You need:
- two network cards (or something similar, a circuit board with a regular size)
- paper (the easy way is to cut an old notebook)
- a spiral (same as before)
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Step 1: "Clean" the cards

Picture of
First, dismantle all of the old cards, leaving only the printed circuit, and maybe the processor.

You can use a soldering iron for it.

Updated: In fact, I used the pliers, it's quicker.

Step 2: Cutting and piercing

Picture of Cutting and piercing
At this step we are going to pierce the circuits to permit the spiral can go in its place.

Step 3: Finish!

Picture of Finish!
Now assemble the circuits and paper with the spiral, and you will get it.
getgreg7 years ago
What's the best way to make the holes in the circuit board? I'd assume a drill would work but is there a better way?
ctuck getgreg6 years ago
If you have a heavy-duty hole punch, you could try that too. If you use a drill, don't press down on the circuit board, they are brittle and you will need to eat away at it slowly and patiently.