Never Before Seen Minecraft Trick!





Introduction: Never Before Seen Minecraft Trick!

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Hi I will show you a never before seen minecraft trick!

Step 1: Tracks

Build a wheel or circle shape out of normal tracks. Than build right under it a straight power track like the pic.

Step 2: Carts

Place one cart on the power rail and push it in to the circle let it stop spinning.

Step 3: More

Push two more carts in.

Step 4: Four

Push one more cart in there should be four carts on the wheel. It will not stop spinning.

Step 5: Challenge

Post comments about what cool things it can be used for or post comments about future instructables. Every five days I will pick a different comment and if its you I will follow you and favorite five of your instuctables.



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    Um, I've done this before... The reason it doesn't stop is because they are all pushing each other.

    Never before seen? Not trying to be rude but, I dont see how this is different from the boosters people would use before power minecarts were added to the game.

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    Not trying to be rude either, but yes, back in the time before power-rails, this was how we got around - anything's more convenient than the coal-powered minecart, even back then! :) This specific design was called the "spin-booster":

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    just wondering what do we get

    keep commenting

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    keep commenting

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    ive already done this

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    With this system you can make a very easy delivery system. If you have an auto farm/water collector/auto cooker then this is a good interval delivery and it would be effective. Thanks for the tip! :)

    You could place in a detector rail and create an infinite signal just because.

    Yay finally something that is NOT complex!

    It would be cool if you made a giant mansion with all these 3 other ideas inside!

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