Never Ending Card in 5 Min




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Introduction: Never Ending Card in 5 Min

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Want to make some one feel very special by gifting them a card that would never end ,you have landed on the correct place.

Step 1: Material Required

All you need is

  • cutter
  • scale
  • marker
  • adhesive
  • sheet

Step 2: Cutting the Sheets

Take the desired sheet and cut out 8 rectangles in the ratio 2:1.Here I have taken 8 cm and 4 cm

Step 3: Scoring

Take 4 of the 8 sheets and score them as depicted

Step 4: Making Base

Lay two scored rectangles side by side and apply glue on the corners .Stick the other 2 as shown

Step 5: Making the Second Layer

Now fold as shown and apply glue to the shaded portions and stick the sheets

Step 6: Final Layer

Now turn the rectangles we glued and paste sheets on it shaded region. Now you have successfully made your very own Never Ending Card

Step 7: Working



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    You lost me at step 4 but thank you for showing me :o)