Introduction: Never Ending Card in 5 Min

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Want to make some one feel very special by gifting them a card that would never end ,you have landed on the correct place.

Step 1: Material Required

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All you need is

  • cutter
  • scale
  • marker
  • adhesive
  • sheet

Step 2: Cutting the Sheets

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Take the desired sheet and cut out 8 rectangles in the ratio 2:1.Here I have taken 8 cm and 4 cm

Step 3: Scoring

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Take 4 of the 8 sheets and score them as depicted

Step 4: Making Base

Picture of Making Base

Lay two scored rectangles side by side and apply glue on the corners .Stick the other 2 as shown

Step 5: Making the Second Layer

Picture of Making the Second Layer

Now fold as shown and apply glue to the shaded portions and stick the sheets

Step 6: Final Layer

Picture of Final Layer

Now turn the rectangles we glued and paste sheets on it shaded region. Now you have successfully made your very own Never Ending Card

Step 7: Working

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9998566383 (author)2017-03-12

You lost me at step 4 but thank you for showing me :o)

9998566383 (author)2017-03-12

Great idea thank you !

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