All-in-one package. H0p3 u 3nj0y

By the way, this is my my first instructable so don't hate plz.

Step 1: Stuff You Need.

- Gourmia GMF600 Portable 6 Can Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer for Home ,Office, Car or Boat AC & DC (this is what I used, just get a mini fridge of some sort)

- Cardboard box

- Couch

- Gaming System (w/ controllers obviously)

- Soda (or pop)

Step 2: Get Your Fridge!!!

Get your fridge and stock it.

Step 3: Get Your Cardboard Box.

Get your cardboard box and put your controllers and etc. in.

Step 4: Put Them Next to Couch.

Put them next to your couch in your game room and be lazy.

Step 5: All Done!!!!

Come back for more!!!

<p>Lazy indeed!</p>

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