Just over three months ago, we at Mapiq moved to a bigger office. It was quite a step up from our last humble abode, having about five times the floorspace that we had before. We had some crazy ideas about how we wanted to use the space, but having a fancy, dedicated meetingroom was one of our top priorities. Only problem, meeting rooms become really dull, really fast. A big table, some chairs and a screen are part of the standard bill of materials, but we wanted something funky and interactive to spice up the room.

The company i work at builds software that runs smart buildings, and one of the things we do really well is roombooking. Usually we build integrations between existing hardware and our platform, but we wanted to have a go at doing the whole process of building and integrating by ourselves. Ofcourse, we could have just thrown in some existing WiFi connected LED bulbs, like the Philips Hue bulbs our software already works with, but we decided to go a step beyond to make something special. This instructable will take you through the process step by step from ideation to production.

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To replicate our lights you will need:

  • 2 x 1m of OPY1 ghost tube
  • 1 x 3D printer OR 3Dhubs account
  • 1 x Nice big spool of ABS or PLA
  • 3 x 4m of 3wire .75mm2 cable (we used clear cable with silver wire)
  • 1 x FIBOX enclosure 200x120x75mm
  • 3 x Adhesive posts for PCB
  • Double sided tape
  • 16 x 12mm m3 screws
  • 4 x Cable glands
  • 1 x Particle photon
  • 1 x 5V power supply (25W, depending on the amount of lights you connect)
  • 1 x Soldering iron and tin
  • 6 x 3 way screw terminals
  • 1 x 2 way screw terminals
  • 4 x Neopixel ring 12
  • 4 x Neopixel jewel
  • 1 x 1m of solid core wire
  • 1 x Grounded powerplug/cord

Step 1: Inspiration

Shopping around

If you´ve ever done some shopping for lamps, you know they dont generally come cheap. We wanted to hang a web of tube lights above our meeting table, but were really disappointed with what we found in stores. It was part of the motivation to build something ourselves. We were convinced we could fabricate something that was at least half as decent looking and maybe even more versatile than the simple and expensive florescent tubes we were looking at at the time.

Heavy inspiration was drawn from displays at the Amsterdam light festival but also the legendary lightplan of the Trouw nightclub in Amsterdam by Meeuws van Dis. And after some intensive Google exploration we bumped into an acrylic manufacturer, Pyrasied, that makes these amazing OPY1 ghost tubes.

OPY1 Ghost

OPY1 is an acrylic material that is extruded into long beams that looks completely transparent in normal use. However, when you hold a light source up against it, the light is bounced off of millions of small reflective nano-particles in the material. This directs the light out to the side and creates an amazing glowing effect. It struck us as being the perfect material to add some unobtrusive color effects to our meeting room, so we ordered two metres of it.

<p>That's a fun idea!</p>

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Bio: I am an industrial and interaction designer with a love for prototyping. Currently working on making smarter buildings using IoT technology at Mapiq!
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