Introduction: Never Say "No" to Your Dog Anymore

In this video, Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Jacob Folger with his Pit Bull dog, Lucy, demonstrates how to make a sound that will replace the word, "No". This sound, "Eh, Eh" can be used in all kinds of circumstances to train your dog and solve problem behavior. The word "No" is overused and not near as effective as this sound Jacob demonstrates in this video. Discover


thomcomstock (author)2016-07-20

I have a service animal, Betty and I hate to keep saying "Betty, no." I feel as though it makes Betty's almost model, good behavior seem less so. When I tried this, she responded immediately to your "Eh, Eh" signal. Thank you.

I have also trained her to move out of the way when I say "Excuse me" which is far more pleasant and less irritating than "Get out of the way" or "Move".

jakecreates (author)thomcomstock2016-07-20

"Eh-eh" is surely a wonderful thing. And it can be used for so many things. It just gets your dog's attention in a nice way. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with it. - Jake

Judi McGuire (author)2016-07-21

I have always use "Aaaat" to correct or call my dog back. It's the sound the mother dog makes to her puppies to correct them. It even works on horses and children and goats... It's a good sound. I'm glad you use it!!!

jakecreates (author)Judi McGuire2016-07-21

It is good that a few of us know this. Now we must tell everyone else. And then dogs everywhere will be able to go by their real names - not "no". Thanks for your comment! - Jake

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