Picture of Never buy hanger again!
This Instructable will show you how to craft hanger,
from used PET bottles.

Step 1: What we will need.

Picture of What we will need.
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Empty PET bottles, piece of wire, bolt,screw,drill,pliers,round pliers,scissors,blade.

aminded453 years ago
Wonderful idea. Thanks.
hollybd5 years ago
very similar to this
however i like yours better as uses only recycled materials, instead of more unnecessary plastic
patmac6 years ago
All other comments aside, this is a very good idea. While other hangers are easy to obtain and may or may not be cheaper, I have never had one that does not create those unsightly nipples which I hate. I always use my iron to steam them out. This is much simpler and I won't have to use any electricity. Plus, the bottles go to the closet and not the landfill to break down in a million years. Good, creative instructable!
violet+ta6 years ago
Ingenious. Interesting idea.
blackturtle6 years ago
This would take up a lot of room in your closet but you would never have "shoulder nipples" on your clothes again!
shoulder nipples! i've been looking for a term for this problem for years. lol t.
This very creative!! Good thinking!
thebludshed6 years ago
you can get wire hangers for FREE at Goodwill...
Actually, I couldn't. The one nearest me had so many for so long that they finally threw a whole bunch into the recycle bin. I of course showed up the week after they did that. LOL
Danielfish6 years ago
I can't quite put my finger on why, but I just think this is incredible!
Maybe it's so incredible because when "how-to make a" and "coat hanger" are in the same sentence, 99.99999% of the time the coat hanger is being used to make something else?? With this instructable you can finally use all your regular coat hangers to their full potential! For instance, instead of buying the wire to make these, you could use... your old coat hangers! Doh, I think the universe is about to implode!
santy22 klee27x6 years ago
arachnic6 years ago
awesomeness !! just what i needed for my jackets ! cheap hangers apart, this has the great benefit of keeping the shoulders inflated, and the insides aired.. i have way too many bottles lying around anyway !! +1
dkfa6 years ago
Wouldn't this cost more then 1 hanger you buy at a store? Once I got a 200 pack of large hangers for $8 US.
i guess this would be cheaper than the wood hangers or the plastic ones u can buy.
Not bad! Although coat hangers can be cheaper. Plus you can make stuff out of them!
bruc33ef6 years ago
Terrific. Saw the design on Designboom from a company selling a ready-made plastic piece that you screw bottles into like this, but doing it yourself sure beats that. Wonder how to get a bit more angle in this -- maybe bend the screw before screwing the caps in?
You could get a desired angle/shape by selectively applying heat to cause it to shrink in a desired direction. As it shrinks, it will also become thicker and therefore, more rigid as well, once it cools.