Introduction: Never Buy Plastic Funnels Again!

Picture of Never Buy Plastic Funnels Again!

By using old empty plastic water bottles, you will never need to buy small plastic funnels again!

You will need regular sized water bottles (empty)
a sharp knife

Step 1: Take a Plastic Water Bottle

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Take a regular small water bottle and cut the bottle about a third way down from the top and recycle the lower portion. You will be using the top part of the bottle only. You can recycle the cap.

I cut my bottle on a cutting board to avoid damaging the working surface.

Step 2: Be Careful When You Cut

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When cutting the bottle be sure you do not cut yourself.

Step 3: Behold Your Funnel

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Another bottle saved from the landfill and a neat funnel for you to use as you will.


Chucknsc (author)2012-08-05

I also would lovetosee more work done in the recycling of all plastics. What I really want is a way to do the work as a DIY type project that may be very useful.

dermbrian (author)2009-01-08

This is a great way to get the grease out of the Fry Daddy into the milk carton to go out in the trash. I do it every time.

Pinky212 (author)dermbrian2010-02-24

DUH!  I never thought of that.  Well, no more messy used oil pouring for me.  I'm going out to the garbage can right now to retrieve that liter bottle.  Thanks for the idea.

Shadowfury (author)2009-01-08

I use these to put my Mercury back in the bottle when I'm done experimenting. Works great. Also, you can use the cap, just use a soldering iron/wood burner to melt a hole in the middle.

DrFro (author)Shadowfury2009-11-21

The hole in the cap idea was great. Interchangeable caps with different size holes might aid in pouring liquids of different viscosity.

RiddleOfSphinx (author)2009-02-14

I use this method for engine oil, too.

awang8 (author)2009-01-14

This could be nice... But don't you use funnels to pour stuff into miniture holes. I mean, the tip part of the funnel is huge.

stinkymum (author)awang82009-01-15

Yes, it is but this is just the basic instructable, it is up to those of you out there to take this and use the idea to your own advantage. However, when I mix the procion dyes for tye dying and pour them into the dye bottles, this size is just about right to do it without splashing all over the place.

stoopynoonoo (author)2009-01-10

this is pretty cool and pretty easy! but the size of the mouth is virtually the same size of the cup you are pouring the water in hahahahaha couldn't you do a 2 liter?

stinkymum (author)stoopynoonoo2009-01-10

Yes, but I didn't have one to cut up!

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