Never Put Your Face Near the Fire Again and More





Introduction: Never Put Your Face Near the Fire Again and More

The wind is blowing the wood is damp so you try to blow on the fire only to get that smoke burning your eyes and hold your breath then blow [almost impossible]... people are depending on you to warm them or the food or both.Do I have the answer for you.

Its so easy to make and simple you will amaze your self/friends.I took 2 feet of clear 1/2 inch hose ,put a piece of aluminum pipe into the tube [this keeps the hose from melting] ,now just blow on any fire,BBQ coals ,small or large campfires any fire.
1. Went to to the local 'Base is the place' Hardware store and bought 2 or 3 feet of clear hose 1/2 inch INNER diameter.$1.75
2. at the same local hardware store I bought a 4 inch long peice of aluminum tube 1/2 inch OUTER diameter.It was a spare part for a grease gun, just a hollow tube.$2.25
3. l placed the tube in the hose and put that in pocket.
4. Went into the woods ,removed it from my pocket and started a nice fire with no smoke in my eyes.

It is also useful for blowing things such as metal shavings [so your eyes are far away], firearms,rifle barrel [check for obstructions without looking down the barrel],wood chips,any thing loose that you used to squint your eyes and blow,hobo stove,fireplace ,wood stove ect.The ONLY thing to use when starting a fire from primative methods such as char cloth or even a tiny coal on tender, you can place everything right under your tender pile then blow.Caution- repeted use can cause condensation in the tube DONT blow water on your precious sparked tender,just dont try too hard ,have confidence you will get it easy now
It fits in my pocket and it is very light and useful.I take mine summer or winter.In the dark it keeps your face away from light for concealment.You may use it as a straw to drink or if hiding to suck water out of your canteen and put out your fire.There are many other uses as you see too many to list here.

So try it makeyourself one and not only will it work but it aims much better than your breath.



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I love fire and thought this was a great solution. I was going to make one to use for fire but had one of those "Ah-ha I remember an instructable that would be perfect for this" moment. I was cleaning out my electric shaver, and was trying to blow out the old hair without getting it in my eyes. I made a smaller version and was impressed at how well it worked. It really concentrated the air at the spot that I needed. No hair in my eyes or all over the bath room counter.

Thanks for sharing.


wouldn't it be easier to just get a piece of cardboard or a palm leaf and fan the flame instead of blowing on it?