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Introduction: Never Tangle Earphone Life Hack

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It is a scientific fact that earphones "want to tangle" in your pocket. According to this article, this is due to the fact that earphones have more ways of being tangled than being untangled. That combined with time causes headaches. To fight against earphones' natural tendency to eat your nerves, you have to somehow prevent them from moving. Most common option is to wind them around some object. This method works but takes much more space than it should. Another solution will be described in this instructable. A solution that costs nothing and takes little to no extra time for safely putting earphones in your pocket. What makes my method different from others is that I don't coil cable but fold it.

Interested? Keep on reading!

Step 1: Grab a Piece of Wire

All you need is a piece of wire. My personal favourite is wire that comes with tea bags as it is the softest. For this instructable I used cable management wire as white tea bag wire was hardly visible in all photos.

Grab a piece of wire and go to next step.

Step 2: Fold Earphone Cable in Half Multiple Times

Now that you have your piece of wire, start folding your earphones in half. Do it multiple times. Most headphones will require 4 folds but your may be non standard in length - fold until you think it is still reasonable.

Step 3: Wrap Wire

Now you can simply wrap it all in wire or do it as I did: attach wire in middle of end closest to 3.5 jack and wrap entire bundle afterwards. This will allow you to untie your earphones, use them and later, when you are done using them, allow for faster storage for dangerous storage in your pocket, full of cable goblins :)

Step 4: Conclusion

If you doubt this will work, try it yourself. Preparation takes no time, it costs nothing and when you find out it how good it works, you will be glad you gave it a try.

The same method can also be used for storing any other cables. I manage all my computer cables, extra computer mice and keyboards, headset cable when I don't use it etc.

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I think its a cool idea which I'm sure people will use. I myself use wireless headphones which are well worth the price & no tangled wires.


easier way - stick your two fingers in the air - buds first wrap the cables in and out of your fingers, last few inches wrap around the cable bundle between your fingers

Just tie a knot in the middle of the wire. The wire wants to tangle. The knot is a tangle. The already tangled wire is less apt to tangle.

Did this 2 years ago. No tangles yet. Ball em up and throw em in a drawer.

Meh... I use the over and under cable folding method, sometimes with ties too, I even pinched it with small metal clips, or Rip-ties... But I still find it either too slow, or inconvenient to use,

A Kinder Egg do the job for me...


I roll them on to my finger and put inside a Kinder Egg yellow surprise container...

Here is an easier way without using any extra wires; fold the cable like you see in the pic above leaving 10 cm cable free on the jack end. Then wrap that 10 cm cable around the folded cable and push the 3.5 jack between the wrapped and folded cable. Done.

Noisy wan, I have been using your method for several years. It works and is easy. And looks sorta cool.

I'm going to try this as it makes sense and i an wrapping up and storing my headphones daily before work. No matter how careful i do so, it's always a mess after my shift. I think ppl are not understanding the significance of folding vs wrapping before putting in a pocket with constant friction and movement. Like i said, it makes sense, I'll put it into use n see how it works