I am bored to wear the same hats everybody wears.
I am bored to knit the same hats everybody knits.
The life is beautiful and different - every day of it.
So are my hats.

There is a lot more on my etsy store.
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<p>Great imagination and creations!</p>
<p>I can't crochet. Is there anyway I can buy the rainbow wig hat at the top of the page?</p>
<p>I can't crochet. Is there anyway I can buy the rainbow wig hat at the top of the page?</p>
Do a tutorial on the first hat
I love the crazy hair hat. But I do have to say - that I specifically paid to become a pro member inorder to download the instructions for that Crazy Hair hat. I was very disappointed - there should be disclaimers on this site, when instructions are NOT included for designs. As was stated in previous comments below - this site is called Instructables - there is nothing here instructing anything. I'll be contacting the website to recoup my money. Your designs are awesome, but should include at least one basic pattern for one of the hats you advertised.
I love your hats and used #1 as an example that I wanted to make. So, I created a cloche using a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn and then figured out how to make the curls on my own. I planned to put a LOT more curls on it before wearing it, but my daughter wanted to use it for Halloween, so here's what it looks like, so far. She doesn't want me to share her image as part of the picture, so that is why her face is edited out. Thanks for your inspiration.
Your work is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
This doesn't show how to make anything iTz just a ad for ur etsy store!!!
Ok you are officially my hero.
Thanks a lot to everybody who dropped by and left comments here. I do apologize for not having instruction. I really do not have any. Not only because I don't have records. Being selftaught (never went to any school or classes) I do not know the terms.I know some basic terms in Russian (which is my language, but not in English). Many times I heard from different people that I do stitches wrong. (??). I don't care, the results talk for themthelves. I taught myself to knit and crochet watching the photos of other people and trying to figure out how they do it, trying many different things, failing many times, trying again and again and finally came to the results you see here. So, why I am here? No, ma'm, not for advertizing on Etsy, everything is OK with my sales there, I can't complain. My idea is to show to those of you who want to create something that it IS possible to make things using your brains and hands, but not only your reading glasses. There is a difference between giving a fish (written instructions) and a fishing rod. Thanks a lot to PEEPLA who left some written istructions for you, but, to say the truth, I didn't understans a word (I said earlier, I do not not know any terms). Hope, you, people, did. Good luck to everybody and see your new creations here.
if you wanted to try and do a tutorial one suggestion since like you said you dont know many terms (like myself) you could do a video showing how you do the stitches you use. and maybe use subtitles if you deem them necesssary
love the first one how much would something like that cost<br>
I love these hats!!!!!!! i love 1,2,6,7,13,18,and 20 the most THEY ALL ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!<br>
I love the first two with the curlies! and the ones with all the buttons!
This is just basically an ad for your shop on Etsy. I also have a shop and lots of items for sale, but I don't think that, by themselves, they should be on Instructables, do you? Only if you are nice enough to show an instruction along with your photos. Even without notes you must know basically how to do at least one of these hats and I feel you should show instructions for one to be on "Instructables", as that is what this website is all about, right? NOT as just a venue to advertise your goods for sale. Your hats are very nice, but give us at least one pattern or I think your posting should not be included with everyone else's who actually gives instructions, don't you all agree? It would be a shame if everyone just posts their items for sale on another website....
You really don't have to be like that. These are some beautiful examples, and Instructables advertises for Etsy themselves! It really doesn't matter.
Be like what? I don't think I said anything offensive; I certainly didn't mean to, if that's the impression I gave I apologize. Oh well, sorry lord k...I truly thought this website was for instructions as well as photos!!!
at least get creative and make step by step instructions to go to your site, pick out something, add to cart, and purchase. I can forgive your ad if it is entertaining.
Agreed. all these false instructables - advertiseables suck. that is not what this site is for. As a paying member I do not want to see these in my searches!
love the long hair curled one. great work there. Could ya count those curls and let me know how many? I love it so much I plan to make this for my daughter. so cool or maybe the black pony tail one. ^.^ great job hun and the photos are fine in my book just make a note to the side that you don't have a pattern or whatever. Just give what you think is the best and closest stitches and let them owrk it on their own. ^.~
Iryna, your work is spectacular, and totally inspiring to me as a crocheter: so many creative ideas to experiment and play around with.&nbsp; And I appreciate your philosophy that <em>&quot;My idea is to show to those of you who want to create something that it IS possible to make things using your brains and hands, but not only your reading glasses. There is a difference between giving a fish (written instructions) and a fishing rod.&quot;</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;While I usually do work from patterns, I also often put my own spin on them, sometimes with just a differnt yarn, sometimes changing&nbsp;a type of stitch, etc.&nbsp; So thank you for these wonderful &quot;fishing rods&quot; -- I will be trying them out very soon!
<p>your hats are amazing i wish i could do that how did u make them 7,8,9,11,19 i wanna could u tell me how u did it plaese</p>
I love 1, 2, 6, 7, 13, and 20 -- all your hats are amazing, but these are the best :)
Ruby slipper is correct, unless instructions for a least a few hats is included; then this slide show is inappropiate.
to make one of these hats like the first one and the second with the sprials comeing out, just make a basic scull cap and then attatch spirals to it. spiral stSpiral: Using yarn and needle size recommended by the yarn company... and long-tail cast on, 45 sts.Inc Row 1: Knit into front and back of each st BO. for more length, start with more sts, for shorer...start with less sts.
I like the hats too, but I come here for instructions on how to make things for myself, not where to buy them.
Really nice. My faivorite ist the first one :)
It would be cool if you had a instrucable for the first one
I looovve these hats! Such style and panache. Are these crochet? Do you use patterns? I'd love to make one.
Thank you, Selma, for your attention at my photos. I use different techniques to make my hat, including crochet, knitting and some original techniques as well. I don't use any patterns, all my hats are the results of my creative fantasies. I don't do any notes either, so, I am sorry, I don't have any patterns to share with you.
these hats are REALLY COOL!!! have you ever thought of teaching a knitting class and/or selling the patterns? you could make a lot of money if you did!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gogogluegunfun.com">My craft blog</a>These are amazing. I'm in FL too bad for me - too hot for hats here<br/>
amazing hats - you are a millinery superstar!
words are never enough for great works of art.
OMG!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM.!!!!!! are you on craftster ?
Youe designs are lovely you adda very creative asoect to a normal life of crocheting. Good luck you deserve to win
DUDE! I had the same idea for the crocheted dreads hat! Great minds think alike. :D
Wonderful, & creative! They are all wonderful; I don't know if I could pick just one...I do really like the first one, though.
To Momastray. Thanks for your comments. I started knitting many-many years ago and first also only could follow patterns. Lately I realized that patterns are not always good and since then I don't follows them. Yes, I sell my hats (and not only hats) on Etsy. Welcome to my shop www.iryna.etsy.com
I'm jealous of your non-pattern-following skills! It's like learning a cuisine well enough to be able to cook without the recipes. Once I get the basic hat theory properly internalized your hats will definitely be my inspiration.
Wow! I love these hats! They are soooo creative!
danleymomof3, this is so interesting, what you said about your daughter. I think it is her way to express herself - her good or bad mood, her high or low spirit, her desire to get noticed or to stay "invisible". Tell her to learn how to knit and crochet and then she will have many more hats of her own unique designs. It is, definitely, not too difficult. Good luck to you and your daughter.
You have a great talent. I <em>LOVE</em> your hats. Especially the rag doll and the viking. <em>AWESOME</em>. I have a 12 year old daughter who started wearing <em>FUNKY</em> hats about 2 years ago. She now has about 50 hats. Only about a dozen of them are odd. The rest are beanies and such. She would love yours. I can't afford them, but they are really great. Keep up the creativeness. <br/>
Thanks to everybody for looking at my hats and all those inspiring words! When I read these comments I want to create something new and nice.
Those are <em>incredible!</em><br/>You should link to your Etsy store in the description above. I'll be stopping by to check it out, as some of those are unbelievably gorgeous!<br/>
Can I just say Daang, I love the hats, I'd definitely wear one of those.
Your designs are awesome!!Keep up the good work!

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