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Are you sick and tired of typing up your instructables? What if you could just say them instead? With Jott you can. Jott is a free service that transcribes your voice into text. You can then take that text and copy it into instructables without ever having to touch your keyboard.
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Step 1: Sign up for Jott

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Go to and click on sign up now.
Enter your name, email address, your time zone, and a password. You also have to accept the terms of service.
Click continue.
Go to your email, open the email and click on the link that was sent to you.
Click continue.
Enter your phone number and click continue.
Call 1-866-568-8123.
Click continue.
Sign in with your phone number and the password you created earlier.

Step 2: Create your Jott

Picture of Create your Jott
Call 1-866-568-8123
When it asks "who do you want to Jott?" , say "me", or "myself"
After the tone record your message

Step 3: Create your instructable

Picture of Create your instructable
Go to and sign in.
Look for the message you just recorded, and click on it. If it says transcribing, wait a few minutes, and then try again.
Copy the message (select, right click, copy).
Go to
Label your new instructable
Paste your jott.
Add pictures, and videos

Step 4: Done!

Thats all!
Using Jott you can save the time and hassle of having to type your instructable.

I am not in any way connected to jott. I do not work for them, and I just found them today.

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