Picture of New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!
The world's first look at James Bond's new blu-burning laser weapon! Watch it burn through things and learn how to make your own!

That's me playing James Bond in the video intro!
(I built that in After Effects)

Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. Walther PPK CO2 Pistol
2. Laser guide for pistol. Mine was from a JKX-313. The Umarex just didn't fit the bill.
3. Get the Blu Diode Here
4. Housing for Laser Diode also from Build-a-Blue-Laser
5. LM317, 100 ohm variable pot, 1 ohm resistor, circuit board.

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Thinkman6 years ago
Scary to think that this is a stepping stone to the real near future of bigger and better laser guns! Star Treck has arrived!
THEJJRAT Thinkman2 months ago

Star Trek? We already have this stuff.

NASA is Aperture Science.

NO, 1984(Orwell) is coming there will never be Star Trek. Sorry,,no one more than myself. Just watch Raytheon exoskeleton on Youtube, not one mention of helping crippled people ,just get that soldier to kill faster , better, and for longer. ANd now the Gov't has a new boogie man for us to fear for us to cry take our rights away, Xrape me at the airport. I intend to get a Hickory Farms Sausage and slip it down my pants next time I fly. I wonder will they find it funny, I know I won't find the cavity search funny , but someone has to do the absurd to these jerks. Yesterday this guy wasn't qualified for garbage man, now he gets to see me NAKED(virtually), 19 terrorists made it on board. HOW, incompetence? Or, did the Nation of Islam infiltrate airport security? They know this already. Gun Control laws, Criminals don't obey laws,hence the word criminal. Star Trek is a dream that will never be.
THEJJRAT2 months ago
Dissecting an Xbox for James Bond?
DeanC22 months ago


Hamyza4 months ago

Do you need the driver circuit or not?

nerd74732 years ago
can i use this or is the mW and nm to high....... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-808nm-CW-300mW-High-Power-Burning-Infrared-Laser-Diode-Module-DIY-Lab-New-/290740097804?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43b175d30c
Can i buy this off you?
it burns stuff. why point it at camera?!
How much would it cost me if I wanted to buy one of those from you?
one word liability. He'll say NO. (probably) . He has 1st amendment protection for now, but he probably won't build one for you, if you want him to , I suggest you contact him somehow without using a media monitored by the government. Every word U or I have ever typed on the net is still available for "THEM" to pull it up and "use against you in a court of law". Go underground.
waste of an xbox 360!
Kipkay (author)  andrewdpham36 years ago
Nope. An XBOX 360 was not used in this project. Read/watch it again.
Yup you said Xbox 360 dvd drive. You also gave a site to order a diode. I ask this of you. Most of us aren't electrical engineers, can you slow it down to laser gun construction for dummies speed?
Yeah, in this case, the XB360 HD DVD player was, rather, a waste of a laser diode. I mean, HD DVD is dead anyway.
Do we want one of these because if not the laser could explode form to much power? Just trying to figure out why we would need one.
we dont need to... it is just fun... according to prophecy...
according to prophecy we're already f*****, and RUN TO THE HILLS is the best advice, oh and take a sword, it doesn't run out of ammo.
Thats so stupid
You need a driver to keep the current in check and prevent charge from being pushed back into the laser, which could fry a diode worth about $30. That is not much fun. They aren't ridiculously hard to build if you want to build a stationary one.

is a good Idea to build and test diodes. If you want a PCB driver look no further than http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1209418066
what if someone cant' get a XBOX 360 without paying for one. people aren't junking them yet. should we wait for the next XBOX to come out before we can get one of those?
No, get a real gun and stock up on ammo and hide it and remember dogs can sniff out guns and ammo so don't use your attic .
I think you can buy the diode for cheap,or if you want to buy the hd dvd drive on ebay. Will this also work on a blu-ray player?
warranty on those are really cheap so people can just fix em
Does the laser housing do something to the laser or just look cool.
it does as it says , it houses it, (holds it in place), you'll probably need a heat sink(kinda like a radiator).
looks cool and probably keeps it safe from damage
McGenius6 years ago
is the capacitor in the circuit an absolutely necessary component? cause i've heard stories about the diode becoming separated from the capacitor and reconnected an instant later, and since the cap is charged up, the juice instantly fries the diode. this happened to me last night possibly because i did not solder it well enough. but back to my original question. is the capacitor necessary?
Hey, i'm not the best solderer either, and I've broken my first 4 diodes probably due to this reason. I have been successful in my last two builds though. I'd recommend soldering the cap directly to the diode (will fit in the aixiz). This way, its almost impossible for it to ever get disconnected then reconnected and destroy it. Good luck, you'll get it eventually. It took me my 5th try, hopefully you get yours sooner.
cha ching, cha ching, cha ching
I think it stops voltage spikes. Just dis-charge the cap
lozank McGenius6 years ago
Absolutely! Without the resistor the cap would fry the diode anyways! I would recommend you just double check your solder joints.
usb key4 years ago
is a housing really necessary? Because I'm cheap, and it looks useless.
gonzowizard4 years ago
very interesting and seems pretty simple. Is there any way one could increase the burning power of the laser to cut, say, weapon-grade 1060 carbon steel?
I don't know what battery the JKX-313 takes, but you could hack it so it takes an A23 (12v) lithium ion battery.
CodeKid10014 years ago
Could you provide a link to the video pls?
because this is safe in the hands of evil?
i mean come on what if oddjob got a hold of this?
its about as safe as the man with the Golden Gun!!
only let Bond... James bond wield this...
wow i could make a lot more references but i chose not too...
Vissy4 years ago
Sounds like an ad for a website that sells $10 blue lasers for $50 (yes, $50).

No trigger control, and uses a voltage regulator instead of a dc/dc converter...not really a good choice, will have 1/10th the battery life. Thanks but uh...nope.
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